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CBD and sex is a trending topic these days with people talking about CBD intimacy oil or CBD lube.

Is CBD Gaining Traction in the Sexual Wellness Industry?

CBD intimacy oil is a very real thing these days. People are are trying CBD during sex to see if it makes their intimate encounters more pleasurable. More research is necessary to know whether CBD and sex are truly a good pair, so far though, people seem to be enjoying it.
by Tiffany Bowen on May 18, 2020
Buy CBD edibles online along with other CBD products to avoid having to go out and socially distance and wear a mask.

Why Buying CBD Online is Important These Days

Shopping for CBD online has never been more important with the Covid-19 outbreak. Now, you don't need to break quarantine to shop inside a store. You can order your CBD bath bombs, flavored CBD oils and CBD gummies all from the safety of your home. Have your CBD shipped right to your front door rather than trying to navigate the inside of a brick and mortar store with plexiglass panels and following social distancing protocols.
by Tiffany Bowen on May 08, 2020
The NFL still won't allow the use of CBD amongst its players.

NFL Refuses Players the Use of CBD

The NFL still refuses to allow its football players to take even CBD products. Controversially planning on starting the 2020 season on-time with games starting as early as September, their rationale behind protecting players from potentially dangerous side-effects of the hemp plant are being questioned even more than ever.
by Tiffany Bowen on May 04, 2020
Social media tells us a lot about how people are using CBD and what they use CBD for.

What People are Saying About CBD on Social

People are always talking about CBD on social media. They leaves CBD oil reviews, they make CBD oil recipes and talk about why they like to take CBD. It is interesting to hear people's take on CBD on such a large scale and it gives us the ability to better craft the best CBD gummies and other CBD products.
by Tiffany Bowen on April 22, 2020
Do not get misinformed about CBD and Covid-19.

CBD and the Coronavirus: CBD Does Not Cure or Prevent COVID-19

With the spread of the novel coronavirus, it is very important not to spread misinformation. People are all worried right now and also very confused. They do not understand the dangers of becoming infected well enough nor do they understand well enough why they are being pressured into self-quarantine and in some instances being legally forced into it. Some companies and people have even suggested potential treatments for Covid-19 without any real medical research to back up their claims. CBD certainly cannot treat, prevent or cure this pandemic.
by Tiffany Bowen on March 24, 2020
In the United States CBD products for sale are becoming more and more numerous, but each state has its own rules on the sale of CBD edibles and oils.

US Laws Surrounding CBD

Most of you reading this are not that concerned with the challenges of being a store that sells CBD. You are probably only interested in finding the highest quality CBD edibles and oils on the market. However, the challenges of being in a new commodity based industry are unique considering new commodities never come along.
by Tiffany Bowen on March 05, 2020