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If you buy CBD edibles, it's a great way to take your CBD, but it takes longer to feel the effects of CBD when you digest it.

CBD Edibles Dosage: How to Properly Dose Them

If you cook with CBD oil at home, or you take your daily dose of CBD with gummies or some sort of brand CBD cookies, then these are all forms of CBD edibles. It is important to note the differences between taking CBD tinctures under the tongue or vaping it, versus eating CBD. Learn to distinguish the differences.
by Shopify API on October 19, 2020
NFL players suffering from concussions and in some instances CTE, are truning more and more to CBD oil.

Another Former NFL Player Embraces CBD

More and more football players are turning to CBD treatment once their careers end. The NFL still has very strict policies about active players consuming anything cannabis related at all, but once a player is retired they are free to seek out CBD products. Lofa Tatupu, a retired player from the Seattle Seahawks is the mos recent retiree to support the use of CBD.
by Shopify API on October 19, 2020
People research alternative treatments all the time like unflavored CBD 1000mg unflavored tinctures and hemp oil.

CBD Oil and Alternative Treatments

After discovering her daughter had cancer and not seeing the results she wanted from chemotherapy, Christina Dixon stopped her child's medically prescribed treatment and began giving her daughter, Kylee, alternative all natural products. The unfortunate events led to the state getting involved and the mother and daughter running away. Chemotherapy treatment can be scary and it seems as though more and more people are looking for alternatives.
by Shopify API on October 19, 2020
You should just try CBD cookies, CBD gummies or some other CBD edibles instead of vaping CBD.

The Vape Black Market

People should just stick with CBD edibles like gummies, cookies and tinctures for now until authorities are able to weed out the black market vaporizers that are getting so many people sick. Sugar and Kush CBD products all come with a certificate of analysis on each product page from a third party lab to verify it is a pure CBD isolate. We also provide a label to show the high quality ingredients we are using.
by Shopify API on October 19, 2020
Don't try and cross into the United States with CBD edibles or CBD 500mg bottles of oil. You could be issued a lifetime ban into the U.S.

Crossing Borders with a CBD Tincture 1000mg Bottle

While trying to cross into the United States, a young Canadian woman was found with a bottle of CBD oil. Despite the fact the hemp derived CBD products are now legal here in the U.S., the border patrol refused to allow her to enter the country and she may end up facing a lifetime ban on enter the U.S. ever again.

by Shopify API on October 19, 2020
Everyone wants to know how to use CBD oil as CBD products have gone mainstream. Take a look at a Sugar & Kush CBD 500mg gummies product.

It's Official, CBD Has Gone Mainstream

CBD is going totally mainstream. CBD oil is being infused into face creams and even salad dressing. Melissa McCarthy reportedly rubbed CBD oil on her feet before going on stage at the Oscars and a slew of CBD products were given out in goody bags to nominees. Everyone wants to know where to buy CBD oil or CBD gummies.
by Shopify API on October 19, 2020