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Many athletes are turning to CBD oil and CBD edibles but are the fully aware of drug testing for CBD policies.

Are Professional Sports Drug Testing for CBD?

While employer drug testing is a concern with CBD products that also contain trace amounts of THC, the professional sports world has different rules when it comes to drug testing. The NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB along with WADA all have a bit of a different stance on athletes taking CBD or coming up positive for THC. Learn more about WADA's stance on athletes that take CBD and their tolerance for levels of THC.
by Tiffany Bowen on August 29, 2019
The Italian cannabis light market is their version of hemp oil and CBD products.

Hemp Oil Popular Around the World

The cannabis light market in Italy is booming. Years ago, Italy legalized the production, sale and consumption of hemp and the people are loving it. People around the world have begun to embrace CBD oil for its potential benefits. More research is necessary before we completely understand whether it can really replace some stronger prescription drugs, but the future looks promising.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 30, 2019
Try a bottle of 500mg CBD gummies for your workouts. Many people are finding that CBD for muscle recovery is very effective.

How Alison Brie Uses CBD

Many people focused on their health and physical fitness are looking for alternatives to deal with heavy workouts. Alison Brie, the star of the show "GLOW" needs to workout rigorously for her part as a female wrestler and is looking into CBD as one of those alternatives.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 11, 2019
The NHLAA is conducting a study on cannabinoids like CBD for pain from concussions.

NHL Looks to CBD

The NHLAA is participating in a study up in Canada to see if cannabinoids like CBD can help NHL players struggling with post concussion symptoms. Some NHL players have to contend with chronic pain, mood swings, anxiety and suicidal tendencies due to brain trauma they suffered during their career.
by Tiffany Bowen on June 26, 2019
Saks 5th Avenue is opening a beauty corner featuring CBD oil skin care treatment.

CBD Heads to Fifth Avenue

The cosmetic industry is gong crazy for CBD oil skin care products. It's a booming industry here in the U.S., in Europe and the Far East. A CBD treatment corner has just opened in Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. If the skincare and cosmetic industry cannot normalize the CBD industry than nobody can.
by Tiffany Bowen on June 25, 2019
Kim Kardashian West's CBD oil baby shower is one of the most trending topics on social media.

Kim Kardashian West's CBD Baby Shower

A solid gauge as to just how popular CBD tinctures and topical are these days is when huge influencers like Kim Kardashian West throws a CBD themed baby shower for the upcoming birth of her fourth child. The shower was dubbed as a relaxation gathering to help her and everyone else prepare for the new baby. Guests received CBD topical massages and left with all sorts of CBD tinctures and other products.
by Tiffany Bowen on May 08, 2019


3 Super Easy and Delicious CBD Recipes
On the fence about cooking with CBD? Read CBD testimonials on Reddit to get an idea of why others have started cooking with CBD or to find even more recipes to try. No matter your dietary needs, you’re sure to find a recipe that appeals to you.
by Holly M on April 23, 2021


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