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Sale of cannabis and other herbs in jars as a souvenir in the store

What Does TAC Mean on Marijuana Products?

As marijuana becomes more widespread and legalized, those interested in...
by Matthew Skopak on May 12, 2021
Sugar and Kush healthy CBD products are mentioned in many article written by publishers like High Times, Leafly and many more.

Sugar and Kush In the News

Sugar and Kush has been featured by many publishers around the country in articles trying to spread awareness about the benefits of CBD. The general public is still trying to understand this remarkable biological molecule, and so news articles about CBD products are essential for people to make smart decisions. Many of these articles discuss how Sugar and Kush CBD products are healthy, contain no THC and are lab tested by third parties to authenticate our labels. Here are list of some of the most popular articles discussing Sugar and Kush.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 29, 2020
Laura Brenner is one of the founders of Sugar and Kush CBD and is the inspiration for its products.

Laura Brenner CBD School Interview

Laura Brenner, one of the founders of Sugar and Kush, was interviewed on a CBDSchool podcast in July. She was asked about how she got into CBD and why she founded Sugar and Kush CBD. At the age of 31, Laura was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and turned to an entirely holistic alternative lifestyle to help heal herself. Part of that holistic lifestyle was incorporating CBD into it.
by Tiffany Bowen on August 30, 2019