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You don't want to have to throw away your CBD edibles and tinctures because they have gone bad, so store them properly to preserve freshness.

Best Ways to Store Your CBD So It Doesn't Spoil

Once you have found the perfect CBD products for you, it's about preserving them over time. You may go through your CBD gummies, vanilla CBD oil and CBD cookies fast, or maybe you take CBD on demand. Whatever the case may be, you should know how to store your CBD so that it can stay fresh for you.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 29, 2020
Get some tips on how to discover a reputable CBD company that you can trust.

What Makes a Reputable CBD Company?

Finding the best CBD products and a trusted CBD brand is not that easy. Criticisms are being thrown at many companies for not being honest about the CBD concentrations in their products, discovering THC and not making the products with healthy ingredients. Get some tips on how to vet CBD brands to find the highest quality CBD that fits what you are looking for.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 23, 2020
If CBD is an adaptogen, then learn new ways it may be able to help you.

Adaptogens and How They Can Help You

CBD is considered an adaptogen by many people. So, what are adaptogens anyways? People have been looking to see how these compounds found in some foods may benefit them over time.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 20, 2020
Understanding how to read a certificate of analysis for CBD products is important if you want to find the best CBD products.

What is a COA?

The COA is the report provided by a third party lab that authenticates a CBD brand's label. CBD labs will test a CBD product to let consumers know just how much CBD is contained in the product, along with a list of other cannabinoids (like THC). The report will also let consumers know if there are any toxins present in the product. Lab testing is not required by government regulations yet for CBD products, so when you see a COA, you know that the CBD brand is going above and beyond for the consumer's sake.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 17, 2020
Buy unflavored CBD oil for its everyday uses.

Unflavored CBD Oil and All of Its Uses

While flavored CBD oils are great, sometimes a nice unflavored CBD oil is the best bet. It goes with everything!. You can add it to all sorts of food or just take it under the tongue. A quality unflavored CBD tincture for sale is all you need as long as it comes with third party lab testing to prove its CBD concentration.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 09, 2020
It's important to know the best way to store your CBD edibles so they stay fresh over time.

How to Store Your CBD Edibles for Optimal Freshness

if you order CBD products online, they should arrive super fresh in packaging that is sealed. But, what about over time after you have opened them? What about the food you make on your own with a CBD oil? What sort of packaging should you store them in? Should you consider keeping them in an airtight container or storing them in the fridge? Learn the best practices for keeping your CBD infused foods fresh.
by Tiffany Bowen on July 02, 2020