10 Unique Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Entire Body

Get full-body benefits from CBD products in ways you might not imagine with these ten unique ways CBD can benefit your entire body!

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By now you have heard of the beauty industry’s biggest buzzwords: CBD oil. It’s literally everywhere; at gas stations, major retailers, the grocery store. Celebrities like Mandy Moore and Kim Kardashian have even publicly endorsed its use. 

There's a good reason for it, too. CBD products have recently become so popular because people are seeing amazing results from using something that works naturally with their own body’s endocannabinoid system. From healthier hair and nails to relief from pain and its healing properties, CBD oil seems to be able to offer relief from almost any ailment, as well as health benefits to help maintain overall wellness. 

Healthier Hair

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If you suffer from dry hair or dandruff, then try using a full spectrum CBD oil shampoo to combat dull locks and an itchy, flaky scalp. Since CBD is loaded with amino acids, it can help strengthen your hair. Plus, the anti inflammatory properties of CBD can relieve itching and dry scalp. 

And all those omega fatty acids in CBD oil? They may actually help regenerate hair growth by stimulating blood circulation at the scalp and by reducing free radicals that inhibit hair growth. 

Softer Skin

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Using skincare products like CBD + CBG body butter can help make your skin look healthy and glow with natural radiance. CBD helps your skin maintain its natural moisture by helping to regulate oils your skin naturally produces. 

Stronger Nails

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CBD products can also be used to help strengthen your nails. By using a few drops of CBD oil directly onto your cuticles, you can lock in moisture and prevent inflammation that causes dry, brittle nails. Just like how CBD helps give you luscious locks, the amino acids create the building blocks for healthy proteins that make up our hair and nails. 

Healing Minor Wounds

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The amazing healing properties of CBD oil have made them a go-to over-the-counter wound care treatment for many people who want natural healing methods. CBD body care products are now recommended for healing small cuts, minor burns, and even to help prevent scarring as tissue heals. 

CBD works to increase circulation, helping skin heal faster, and it helps reduce the dimpled look of scar tissue by regulating the collagen deposits that occur in scar tissues as new skin is generated. It also eases inflammation and reduces the pain and irritation associated with wounds and healing. 

Treating Acne

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Acne is another issue everyone deals with at some point in their lives. It affects people of all ages and skin types, but research has shown that the healing properties of CBD also help treat and prevent acne. CBD skincare for acne is as simple as using a topical oil daily directly on your skin or adding a few drops to your existing beauty cream. 

By regulating sebum, or your skin’s natural oils, CBD prevents unwanted oily build up that causes acne, and reduces the redness and inflammation associated with unsightly blemishes. 

Stress Relief

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If you need something to help you feel more calm throughout the day, then try using CBD for stress relief. CBD is known to create a relaxed state of mind and body. It may ease tension and help lift symptoms of anxiety and mild depression. 

Studies have concluded that CBD may affect serotonin regulation and with neuroregeneration, two things our brains need to stay happy. 

Muscle Pain

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A new trend in self care recently is CBD yoga due to its full body benefits. Yoga has been used for centuries to treat pain and stiffness, and to maintain overall wellness. Adding CBD just makes it that much better! 

Use CBD topically or sublingually before and after a yoga routine to get maximum results from your workout and to ease the muscle pain and stiffness that can occur from exercise, or lack thereof. 

PMS Relief

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When your period strikes, you may suffer from mood swings and irritability, painful cramps and headaches, and tension that could clear a room. CBD has shown to help reduce those symptoms naturally. Take advantage of those food cravings during your time of the month and indulge in some delicious chocolate CBD cookiesto take the edge off. It doesn’t hurt to keep a bottle of CBD gummies 750mgclose by either for those especially difficult days. 

Anti-Bacterial Benefits

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Other research from around the world has shown that CBD is actually antibacterial, and has been proven effective at fighting infection better and more quickly than some modern pharmaceutical antibiotics. What’s even better, is that CBD oil shows effectiveness against bacteria where other modern antibiotic medicine has failed. 

Although more research is required before anyone can say for certain how CBD works to combat infection and bacteria, some doctors are saying it could be the break medicine needs to treat superbugs that have become antibiotic resistant. 


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Inflammation is probably one of the most widely discussed symptoms that CBD can help treat. Because of the way our bodies work, CBD binds to receptors in our endocannabinoid system in  our brains and throughout our bodies that regulate our immune response. This in turn regulates inflammation by either limiting production of inflammatory proteins, and by increasing certain neurotransmitters. 

No matter how you choose to use CBD products, you can rest assured that it is working wonders for your entire body, from your brain to your bloodstream and everything in between. But because CBD is still new to many of us, researchers included, make sure to do some investigating of your own before buying just any old CBD product. Make sure the label says 100% CBD isolate and lists all the ingredients. Also make sure who you buy from provides lab results that show their product is tested for purity and quality. 

Our naturally occurring endocannabinoid system is best activated from within, so find a few CBD recipes and some CBD gummies you can trust to indulge in regularly. Your body will thank you for it!

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