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The Benefits of Using CBG and CBD from Sugar & Kush CBD Products.

CBG and CBD: The Benefits of Using Both Cannabinoids

Do you know about the entourage effect? Stacking CBG and CBD offers a unique chemistry that gives a more balanced feeling, while maximizing the benefits of CBD and CBG. 

Read more to understand how these two incredible compounds work together!

by Tiffany B on March 03, 2021
CBG and Skincare - Benefits of Using CBG

Is CBG good for your Skin? Does it Work with CBD Skincare?

CBG is similar to CBD in that it is not psychoactive. In fact, CBG works in similar ways to CBD to help reduce inflammation and return the body to balance. The most significant difference between them is the amount of CBG found in cannabis plants. Get the details here.
by Holly M on March 02, 2021
What Is CBG and How Does It Work from Sugar and Kush CBD Products.

What Is CBG and How Does It Work?

Have you been hearing about CBG? Let the Sugar and Kush CBD Products team break down what is CBG, how to use it and exactly what it does for your body, so you can understand the potential benefits of CBG with CBD.
by Tiffany B on March 01, 2021
Finding the Best Vegan CBD Products

Finding the Best Vegan CBD Products

Veganism is growing in the United States. An estimated 9.6 million Americans are vegan, and that number is only continuing to grow. 

CBD products are also growing in popularity. These products help people relax without experiencing the high that is mostly associated with weed use. However, there is one big question for people who are vegan: Are CBD products vegan?

by Holly M on February 22, 2021
Can CBD Help Lower Cholesterol

Can CBD Help Lower Cholesterol?

If high cholesterol is a problem for you, your doctor will likely prescribe medications and dietary and lifestyle changes to manage your levels. However, more and more people are looking for a more natural way to manage cholesterol and improve their cardiovascular health, leading to the use of CBD products such as CBD oil.
by Holly M on February 15, 2021
The Best Way to Use a CBD Bath Bomb

How To: The Best Way to Use a CBD Bath Bomb

CBD products are everywhere these days. CBD can be found in food, gummies, and more. So, it only makes sense that CBD body care items, as well as products with CBD for skin care, would start appearing in the market. 

Offering everything from CBD sugar scrubs to CBD bath bombs, CBD for self-care offers many benefits. See what makes these products so appealing to men and women alike. 

by Holly M on February 15, 2021