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10 Unique Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Entire Body

By now you have heard of the beauty industry’s biggest buzzwords: CBD oil. It’s literally everywhere; at gas stations, major retailers, the grocery store. Celebrities like Mandy Moore and Kim Kardashian have even publicly endorsed its use. 
by Tiffany B on January 20, 2021
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5 Simple Stretches To Keep Your Body Happy and Healthy

Stretching is an important part of any workout routine but sometimes it just feels so boring. When you’re doing the same old stretches for the billionth time, it can be tempting to blow it off, especially when you’re alone and nobody will hold you accountable. Then you pay for it with aches and pains from a body that wasn’t allowed to properly warm up or cool down.
by Tiffany B on January 15, 2021
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Our Fav CBD Regimen for Being Stuck Indoors This Winter

Dry skin, low energy, and feeling stuck in a funk are all normal symptoms of seasonal changes that affect us in the winter months. Especially as we socially distance from each other, we can find ourselves indoors even more than we normally would during a typical winter.
by Tiffany B on January 13, 2021
Enhance Your Workout: The Benefit of CBD For Your Workouts

Enhance Your Workout: The Benefit of CBD For Your Workouts

Many people report that using CBD products such as unflavored cbd oils and a bath bomb with CBD assist in giving them a leg up when it comes to athletic performance and recovery time. It’s a great life hack to make your day a little easier. 

by Tiffany B on January 11, 2021
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Level Up in 2021 with 5 Simple Resolutions

There may be no moment more anticipated this year than the second that 2020 is finally over. It has no doubt been one of the worst years on record for all of humanity. With a new year rolling in just around the corner, coming up with a couple resolutions to make yourself better in the following year can help keep you focused on moving forward from the obstacles that held many of us back in the last 12 months. 
by Tiffany B on December 23, 2020
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10 Ways Social Media Stressed Us Out in 2020

In the year of social distancing and rolling lockdowns, many people clutched onto their phones and jumped with anticipation at any notification in hopes of some news that would provide a glimmer of hope. Much to our dismay, 2020 dealt unrelenting blows of bad news requiring massive amounts of CBD Gummy Bears to cope with it all. 
by Tiffany B on December 22, 2020