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The wellness industry is thriving during the pandemic, but it doesn't seem to be taking advantage of the fear that exists out there either through marketing geared towards fear mongering.

How the Wellness Industry is Approaching COVID

It's good to see that the wellness industry is not taking advantage of the worry surrounding the pandemic. COVID has us all on edge and it would be easy for health and wellness companies to prey upon our insecurities. Instead, another message is being sent from the industry, one of calm, heart warming and well informed thoughts.
by Tiffany Bowen on June 11, 2020
You can include a CBD bath bomb during your next at-home spa routine.

Why You Should Add CBD to Your At-Home Spa Routines

Since we are all stuck at home, turing our bathrooms into a spa is a common trend these days. A lot of people are adding CBD topicals to their home spa treatment with the myriad products becoming available like CBD bath bombs.
by Tiffany Bowen on June 05, 2020
There are all sorts of CBD apps providing great information about CBD research and other critical items.

Best CBD Apps

We are all trying to get more informed on CBD and its benefits. Sugar and Kush is not your only source of information about CBD products though. Here are some sites and apps that can be great sources of information about the progress on CBD research, updates on regulations and much more.
by Tiffany Bowen on May 25, 2020
If you take the time to understand CBD bioavailability, then you will begin to understand better the right CBD dosage you need.

What’s CBD Bioavailability?

You may have heard reference to bioavailability when researching CBD products. Bioavailability is important because it tells you just how much of the CBD in your product will make it into the bloodstream. You can buy a CBD 1000mg tincture, but that does not mean that each dropperful with 33mgs of CBD will deliver all of it to the places in your body it is supposed to go.
by Tiffany Bowen on May 13, 2020
Creating diversity in the hemp industry and CBD product industry is important.

Diversity in the Hemp Industry

Now that hemp is legal and CBD products can be found everywhere, there are certain social injustice issues the industry can work towards improving. People of color were unfairly targeted during prohibition, and still today racial disparities within the industry are still prevalent.
by Tiffany Bowen on April 28, 2020
Enjoy National Hemp Day today safely with some no THC CBD eibles or some pure unflavored CBD oil.

4 Ways to Celebrate National Hemp Day on 4/20 with No THC

On April 20th, 2020 people are celebrating, maybe not in the fashion that you enjoy, but it's still a reason to have a little fun. Here are some tips on how you can celebrate hemp with no THC. Whether you are eating some high quality CBD edibles or bathing with a CBD bath bomb, there are many ways to safely enjoy hemp on 4/20.
by Tiffany Bowen on April 20, 2020