Skin Red and Blotchy? Reduce Redness with 11 Simple Beauty Tricks

Skin Red and Blotchy? Reduce Redness with 11 Simple Beauty Tricks

Is ruddiness ruining your day? We all struggle at times with skin that just does not want to cooperate. The good news is that it is easy to remedy redness with some simple solutions you can try at home.  

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If you are struggling to reduce redness in the appearance of your skin, you may have found that some products just don’t work or even just make it worse. So how do you get rid of the redness? Try these eleven easy skin care solutions that actually work.


1. CBD Serum 

You may have heard about all the cannabis oil benefits in cosmetics that seem to becoming more and more popular these days. That is because CBD serum and products containing CBD, the newly legalized compound found in the industrial hemp plant, have medicinal value that helps reduce inflammation. Using CBD serums directly to inflamed skin can help get rid of redness. 

2. Hypoallergenic Makeup 

Hypoallergenic makeup can also help reduce the look of redness. Look for makeup that has CBD in it also, for added benefit. The hypoallergenic properties will help prevent your skin from having a bad reaction to the makeup, and the CBD will reduce any inflammation that occurs. CBD oil reviews will show you that it really does work for some people’s skin issues, so make sure to take a look at what other people are saying about hypoallergenic makeup with CBD to reduce redness. 

3. Hydrate 

You always hear everyone saying that we need to drink more water, getting eight glasses a day. If you are like many people, that can be a more challenging task that it seems to be at first. What helps to hydrate is soaking in a hot tub infused with hydrating oils at least once a week. Consider a CBD bath bomb to help lock in that quintessential moisture your body needs. 

4. Avoid Alcohol 

It does not need to be said that alcohol can have damaging effects on your body. But you may not realize that a few glasses of adult beverages can have an effect on how red your skin appears as well. Alcohol can cause blood vessels in your face and others close to the skin to become enlarged and more noticeable, resulting in a ruddy appearance. 

But what about that sweet tooth that sometimes hits when you abstain from alcohol? Try CBD gummies or other edibles. These delicious snacks can have a calming effect and help you cut out alcohol. Read a CBD Candy Review or two online to help you find which ones you’ll like best. 

5. Cold Compress 

If your cheeks feel flushed and your skin is irritated, try relaxing with a cold compress on your face. Massage some CBD + CBG Body Butter to a washcloth or paper towel and stick it in the fridge for a few minutes until it gets nice and cold. 

The cool, damp CBD Body Butter will feel amazing when you take it from the fridge and gently apply it on your face. Just make sure to avoid your eyes and massage any butter into your skin that hasn’t fully absorbed when you are through. 

6. LED Light Treatment 

If you’ve burned through your CBD Bath Bomb Bundle and want to try something different than a typical skin cream for reducing redness, try sitting under a LED light therapy lamp. 

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7. Topical Solutions 

Pure CBD tincture works wonders when taken sublingually. Some say it works even better when applied topically directly to troubled skin. There’s no harm in using it both ways, either. CBD is not toxic so you cannot overdose on it. Although if you take too much you may just wind up with a headache or upset stomach, so start low and go slow. 

8. Yoga 

Yoga CBD Body Care is all the rage right now because it combines the ancient healing art of yoga with the medicinal value of CBD oils. CBD yoga will help reduce the appearance of red irritated skin because yoga and CBD both stimulate circulation. This in turn helps your skin stay healthy and heal more quickly. 

Plus, staying calm and relaxed on top of maintaining good circulation helps your body’s immune system fight inflammation that causes the look of redness in the first place. Namaste!

9. Better Tissues 

This may sound silly, but get yourself some decent tissues. If you’re using any old paper tissue product on your face, even the best CBD skincare products are going to have a hard time being their most effective if they’re up against abrasive applicators like rough tissue paper. 

Even if they may not feel that damaging, tissues that are not infused with a moisturizer or cheap knock-off brands can cause irritation when used regularly. Find a good, soft tissue no matter how you use it on your skin if redness is a concern. 

10. Tiger Grass  

Tiger grass is an herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It contains saponins, which reduce inflammation. This makes it a great remedy for healing red and inflamed skin. Especially when used with CBD oils.

Hemp sugar syrup is also just as healing and combining a few drops of Tiger Grass into a body butter or hemp scrub can have compounded healing benefits. The blend of anti-inflammatory properties have had amazing results. 


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11. Natural Remedies 

Whatever you do, avoid harsh chemicals and peels that will only make redness appear worse. Choose natural remedies that work with your body’s natural defenses to keep skin looking bright and beautiful. Natural remedies don’t have to be a lot of work, or take a degree in botany to create at home. Many products on the market appreciate the value of natural remedies and make their products with that in mind. 

Try a Lavender Charcoal CBD Bath Bomb or CBD infused oils that say organic and non-GMO on the label. Choose brands that offer access to their ab testing results so you can be sure the product you use is safe, all-natural, and pure. 

What’s most important is to find a product you can trust, and one that works for you. Everyone is different and no two people will have the exact same results. Listening to a few online reviews can help make the decision a little easier when you know how products have worked for others. But, the only way to find out is to try for yourself. 


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