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CBD oil helps Olympians so the effects of CBD should be able to help all of us. Take a look at a vanilla CBD oil from Sugar and Kush.

Every couple years the winter and summer Olympics come around and it is absolutely must see tv for me. I’m in awe of every event, the amazing feats of athleticism, the laser sharp focus the athletes display from skiing to sprinting. I find myself in awe of their constant dedication year-after-year. The attention to detail at every practice, the focus on nutrition and recovery is amazing. It’s hard enough for me to remember to take my vitamins and do cardio after upper body days, so yes I am completely mystified by Olympians. What’s interesting to note is that with all the technology, training knowledge and supplementation science, more and more Olympians are using CBD oil to aid in their recovery, but more on that later.

Swimming has always been an event that captured my imagination. I can swim just enough to save my life and oddly enough I can’t float. Take the amazing effort of competitive swimming and combine it with my ineptitude in the sport, and voila you get an avid envious fan.

One of my first memories of Olympic swimming was watching Amy Van Dyken win four Olympic gold medals back in 1996. She was the first woman to accomplish this amazing feat. In 2014 Van Dyken broke her back in an ATV accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. The tragic event saddened me, but when I suddenly heard her name again a couple of years ago about her miraculous come back, I was overjoyed. It also surprised me to hear CBD oil played a large role in her comeback.

“One day I was in so much pain I didn’t know what to do, so I just poured that oil into my coffee and within half an hour the pain had subsided. Now, it’s not completely gone… but it’s at a point where I can live my life, I can go out and do things [and] enjoy dinner again. I can’t explain it but the stuff really works.”

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Amy Van Dyken’s story is heartbreaking after seeing her on top of the world in 1996 and then knowing the pain she was in after her accident. Her resilience and determination to deal with the obstacle of being partially paralyzed is truly inspiring. The opioid epidemic is rampant in the US, so her desire to ditch the oxy and figure out an alternative to deal with the pain really struck me. CBD tinctures and other CBD products have been reported by many in all walks of life to help manage pain.

It is important to note that Amy Van Dyken’s experience is specific to her and she even notes that the CBD helps manage the pain but doesn’t alleviate all the pain. Put another away, it is not a magic pill. People want to know, do CBD edibles work? While I won’t speak for Amy, I think the answer is you have to try it to find out. The next question should likely then be; what are the side effects of cbd gummies or other CBD products? From personal experience and available research, there are limited if any known side effects to CBD use.

CBD is amazingly versatile. You can make CBD brownies, CBD cookies, and yes even CBD gummies. Amy Van Dyken uses a CBD oil in her coffee and there are dozens of other CBD products you can add to your routine to see if it works for you!