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CBG Dosage and Storage (Beginner’s Guide)

So you’ve finally decided to jump in and try some CBG. But how much should you take? And how should you store it?

Not to worry, you aren’t the only one new to using CBG, as it is a pretty new player in the cannabis industry. Read on to learn more about CBG, its benefits, and the best ways to store it for future use.

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What is CBG?

Maybe this is your first time hearing about CBG, and this isn’t uncommon, as CBG has only recently come to light. CBG is an abbreviation for cannabigerol and it is a type of cannabinoid. There is a broad spectrum of cannabinoids in marijuana plants, and CBG is one that is typically found in a cannabis Sativa plant.

CBG is produced naturally in both marijuana and hemp plants. Some people refer to it as the “mother cannabinoid” or "mother of all cannabinoids" simply because hemp and marijuana plants have more CBG when they are young and the amount lowers as the plant matures. Mature plants tend to have more THC or CBD than they do CBG.

Typically, cannabis plants are harvested when they are mature, meaning in the early days of commercializing weed, CBG was often not noticed as the plants were broken down into its components. But as the science behind the weed industry has grown, so too has the popularity and knowledge surrounding CBG.

What are the Benefits of CBG?

One of the reasons that CBG is becoming more popular is because of all the benefits it can provide the human body. Although much of the research behind CBG is fairly new, it has demonstrated that it can help the body in much of the same ways that CBD does.

Here are some of the specific benefits you may experience from using CBG:

  • Promotes bone health
  • Relieved Pain
  • Reduces inflammation (anti-inflammatory)
  • Reduces the likelihood of tumor growth (anti-tumor)
  • Reduces chances of a bladder infection
  • Reduces chances of a skin infection
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Seizure Prevention
  • Relieves PTSD symptoms
  • Combats psychoactive effects of THC
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Can help you focus
  • Possible neuroprotective qualities
  • Boosts the function of the immune system
  • May control the effects of Huntington's Disease

There’s even some research that suggests taking CBG can help keep your body in homeostasis, which is a fancy way of saying 'keeping your body in balance.' And unlike THC, CBG has no psychoactive effects on the neurons in your brain, meaning you can take the compound without getting the high associated with THC.

When you take CBG, it is thought that it helps to strengthen the endocannabinoid system, which is a part of your brain that is responsible for regulating all the systems in your body. While this hasn’t been proven yet, many governments are currently working towards finding out more information in this space.

How to Dose CBG

Just like with anything in life, CBG is only good when the right amount is taken. This is why you should be sure you understand how the dosing of CBG works before you add it to your daily routine. Sadly, just like when it comes to dosing CBD oils like these Hazelnut CBD Oil Drops, the amount of CBG you need to take is not an exact science. How much you need to take will depend on a variety of personal factors.

Generally, the best idea is to start small, go slow, and increase your dose as you need to. It is important to understand that CBG will not produce the same psychoactive effects or ‘high’ as other THC and CBD products. And for this reason, you need to be very careful when dosing to see how your body reacts to the effects of CBG before you take a large amount.

Most CBG products should have a recommended dosing on them. You will want to take your age, health, and underlying conditions into consideration as you pick out a dose. Remember, if you have never tried any sort of cannabis product, you will have less resistance than someone who has taken THC or CBD oil.

For best results, start with the smallest dose recommended for your demographic and increase from there. It is also a good idea to discuss with a doctor before you begin using CBG products on a regular basis.

Other Things to Consider When Dosing CBG

Besides just following the recommendation on the box when it comes to dosing CBG, there are some other things you need to consider when you take the cannabinoid, especially if you intend to take CBG for an extended period of time.

1. Be Careful Switching Brands

When you first begin taking CBG it’s normal to shop around a bit and try a couple different brands of products. But remember that not all products are created equal, and some may have higher concentrations of CBG than others. For this reason, whenever you switch up products on yourself, you need to take the time to read the label. You should also start yourself out at the lowest dose until you know how a certain product will affect you specifically.

2. Your Reason for Using CBG

People take CBG for different reasons, and the reason behind your CBG use will dictate your dose. For example, someone going through cancer treatments and taking CBG for pain relief will generally require a higher dose than someone just using CBG to improve their mental clarity.

3. The Type of CBG You Are Taking

Just as you need to watch the brands of CBG you are using, you also need to watch the product. For example, an edible CBG product like this CBD Dark Chocolate Bar, will likely be less concentrated and have less of an effect on you than dosing straight CBG drops. This is why you should always consume edibles slowly and a little bit of a time. It is much harder to know how much you are consuming when compared to an oil drop product. It is also much more difficult to dose. So start with one square or piece, and increase from there.

4. Your Genetics

There are some conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, that can be further irritated by the high oil content of CBG products. This is why it is a good idea to speak to a doctor before consuming CBG if you have any health conditions so that you don't experience any adverse effects.

Possible Side Effects of Consuming CBG

Of course, before you go out and start buying all sorts of CBG products, it’s important to know that these products can sometimes cause side effects. And depending on your genetics, these side effects can be serious. Luckily, unlike CBD and THC, CBG has been shown in studies to have fewer side effects and be safer to consume, even in high amounts because it does not contain THCA, which is what causes the 'high' typically felt when consuming weed. There is a chance however that you will experience side effects, so be prepared for these in advance.

Possible side effects of using CBG oil:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

As you can see, most of these side effects are gastrointestinal in nature. For this reason, most of the side effects, if you do experience them, go away once the product has been eliminated from your body (3-5 hours). If you are still experiencing side effects after that time, it is critical that you seek emergency care. It is also important to note that most CBG products are not approved by the FDA and should be taken with caution.

Where Can You Buy CBG Products?

Because CBG is a little bit of a new discovery when compared to CBD or THC, sometimes these products can be a little bit more difficult to find. But if you head to a local weed dispensary, you are likely to find at least a few different CBG products to choose from.

You can also head to online retailers to find CBG products as many of these online stores cater to specialty orders for CBG products. These online shops will also typically carry a variety of products, which can be useful for those who want to try both oils and edibles.

Also, since CBG is heavily associated with hemp, you may want to look into some wellness retailers that offer hemp products. Many times these retailers offer CBG products although they don’t specifically market them as such.

What Type of CBG Products Are There?

Just like with CBD and THC, CBG retailers typically offer a wide variety of products that contain CBG. The products offered will vary by retailer, but you can typically find the following:

  • Vape oils
  • Vapes
  • Edibles (cookies, candies, gummies, chocolate, etc.)
  • Lotions
  • Sprays
  • Drops/Droppers
  • Flower (for smoking)
  • Pills

How to Store CBG

You’ve bought some CBG products that you are excited to try! You’re taking the advice of this article, however, and you aren’t going to eat/take them all at once. So what do you do with what you haven’t taken in the meantime? Well, this widely depends on the type of product you’ve purchased. Remember, CBG can come as edibles, topical creams, pills, and as straight drops.

The type of CBG product your purchase will dictate how you need to store your CBG. Like most cannabinoids, CBG can spoil when exposed to air too long, so no matter what product you buy, you should keep it in an air-tight container. If you purchase edible products, these are best kept in the fridge. This is because they usually contain food ingredients that can spoil if left out too long.

This is true even if you pick a product like chocolate, as it could melt if your home is too warm or left too close to the stove. For those who purchased a topical product, it’s fine to keep these in your bathroom at room temperature (for the most part). Occasionally these creams will require being kept in the fridge, or another colder environment. You can find this out by reading the label of your product.

When you purchase the flower for the purpose of smoking CBD, this can be kept anywhere in your home at room temperature. Just be sure it is kept out of the reach of children and pets. Oils drops and pills are also typically okay at room temperature. Sometimes these oils and pills do require refrigeration, however, so it is a good idea to check the label for your specific product.

Regardless of the product, you end up choosing and storing, never consume CBG products that have passed their expiration date. This can typically be found somewhere on the product as well.

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Can I Give CBG to My Dog or Cat?

There has been a lot of stories in the news media about giving CBD products to pets to help with everything from seizures to glaucoma. However, the research with CBG specifically is still not finalized, and for this reason, you should be cautious about giving your pets any sort of CBG product.Cats are especially susceptible to dangerous side effects when consuming CBG, as it has a high oil content which could harm their liver.

For this reason, you should never give your cat CBG unless directed by a veterinarian. Dogs, on the other hand, have a little bit stronger of a digestive system. Therefore, it is possible that a small amount of CBG oil mixed in their food could help with the symptoms of arthritis and other conditions. It is still not recommended to do this for your pet unless you have checked with a veterinarian first.

Alternatives to CBG

Maybe you've made it this far and decided that CBG products aren't for you. And that's okay. There are plenty of other products in the marijuana and hemp realm that may be better suited for you. One very close product is cannabigerol acid or CBGA which is very close to CBG but is specifically streamlined to help your digestive and cardiovascular systems.

It has been shown to have many beneficial effects, such as preventing heart disease and lowering the overall oxidative stress of the individual. Additionally, there are several CBD products that are good alternatives to CBG that also do not contain THCA. These products can provide you with many of the benefits of CBG without the high that comes with taking a product that contains THCA. These products are also more widely available than CBG products. 

And obviously, THC products are also an alternative to taking CBG products. But keep in mind that most of these products do contain THCA and will cause psychoactive effects in the user, some of which may be unpleasant. Be sure that if you do decide to try a THC product, that you do so in a safe environment.

Try CBG Dosing Today!

Now that you know all about how to dose and store CBG, it's time to head out and buy some to give it a try. Just remember to start small, and read the label of all the products you purchase! 

Are you still struggling to decide which products are for you? Then take a look at our article comparing hemp gummies with CBD gummies to help narrow down your decision! 

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