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Cotton Candy CBD Oil Tincture


MMM! Cotton Candy! If making a CBD oil is not gratifying enough, the fact that we can offer something that tastes as good as cotton candy CBD oil accomplishes our objectives. We craft our products for everyone, including those that are following a strict exercise or diet regimen so that they can enjoy something that tastes good too. 

Made with a coconut MCT oil for the best bioavailability, this pure hemp oil comes in a CBD 1000mg tincture and 500mg bottle. A dropperful from a well shaken CBD tincture 1000mg bottle should yield approximately 33mgs of cannabidiol. Cut that CBD dosage in half with a dropper filled approximately halfway.

Simply drip a few drops under your tongue and hold it for a few moments before swallowing. Our premium, CBD isolate oil drop is extracted from Non-GMO, Pesticide-Free, all-natural hemp oil. Our CBD is lab tested to ensure there is absolutely no psychoactive effects, and contains only pure CBD with 0% THC.

Here is some of what you can expect from our tinctures including some potential CBD benefits:

  • Fast & Easy to take
  • Taste Great
  • Best Bioavailable Option
  • Highest Quality - Lab Tested
  • Made in USA | Non-GMO | Zero THC


Product Details

500mg Tincture - 1ml (full dropper) contains approximately 16mg - 17mg of CBD

1000mg Tincture - 1ml (full dropper) contains approximately 33mg of CBD

3000mg Tincture - 1ml (full dropper) contains approximately 100mg of CBD


    MCT Oil, Artificial Flavoring, 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Tasty and effective

    I am already "primed" having micro-dosed MJ flower for 3 years now. Upon my 1st serving of this Cotton Candy CBD oil I felt my back release, and an overall relaxation. The flavor is awesome. I have tasted some nasty CBD products in the past and this one has zero bad taste in it. I have already put in order #2.

    It’s cotton candy for your anxiety

    This is the best tasting CBD and I use it daily to keep my anxiety under control.

    Love it

    Been fighting insomnia for quite a while. Nothing worked. This stuff works. Even if I wake up I can go back to sleep. Highly recommended.

    Love it

    I am so glad I bought this and I plan to purchase it regularly. It definitely helps my overall Mood and I don’t feel as down , stressed as anxious as I used to. I am currently recommending this my family members.

    Finally sleeping

    My daughter and i love this. We have insomnia and it has helped tremendously. Great taste also. Cotton candy. Will order more.

    Try them all!