What is the right CBD Dosage?

If you are new to the medical benefits of CBD, finding the right CBD dosage is not as complicated as it may seem.

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The last few years have seen an increase in medical use of CBD to treat various ailments such as anxiety and depression, pain and inflammation, and skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. This is because of the federal legalization of hemp derived CBD under the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. Now, CBD products can be found at many major retailers. 

However, due to the limited research available on CBD because of its only recent legalization, not much information regarding its use is available for consumers. And while the FDA is currently still hashing out how to deal with a market flooded with unregulated CBD due to murky state laws that vary from federal guidelines, information on obtaining the correct CBD dosage is even more elusive. 

How to Figure Out the Right CBD Dosage

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You can calculate CBD dosage easily but it may take some time to get to that point, so don’t give up if you don’t feel improvement right away. The biggest mistake many people make when first beginning a CBD regime is they do not give it time to work. 

In order to find your CBD dosage first start with a low dose and slowly work your way up from there until you feel the effects you want. Give each microdose at least an hour to be effective. If at the end of an hour, you feel no change, take another microdose and again, wait an hour to feel the full effect of that dose. Continue doing this throughout the day until you feel the effects of the CBD at a level you desire. 

Once you have reached your desired effect, keep in mind the milligrams you consumed. This is your effective dose level, or the amount of CBD you’ll want to consume each day. It is important to take CBD regularly so that it can work most effectively. And remember, the right dose for you depends on many factors including your body mass, metabolism, and tolerance. So what works for one person may not be best for you. Also, make sure to talk to your doctor if you are taking any prescription medications and want to add CBD to your routine. Even though CBD is completely safe, your doctor may want to monitor and lower your medications as the CBD becomes helpful. 

How Should You Take CBD?

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Studies have shown that the most effective way to consume CBD for best results is through sublingual drops, or CBD pure oil drops since they are absorbed directly and quickly into your bloodstream. 

While vaping CBD is the fastest way to consume CBD, it is harder to control the dosage you inhale. Capsules and pills are another method of intake, however this method requires that your body break down the CBD through the digestive process, thus limiting the absorption and effectiveness of the dose. 

Edibles like cookies and CBD gummies definitely take the cake for being the tastiest way to consume CBD, and they are also great as a delicious way to microdose throughout the day. Keeping a bottle of CBD gummies 750mg at the office can help get your through that especially stressful meeting. 

What About CBD Topicals?

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Using CBD topically is by far the easiest way to consume CBD, as muscle rubs, bath bombs, and creams are absorbed directly into the biggest organ of the body. This way it directly soothes pain and inflammation of physical ailments by treating symptoms right at the source. While it does take a larger CBD dosage when using topically to find relief than through sublingual methods, it is extremely effective. Unflavored CBD oils are great for their versatility, as you can take them sublingually, orally, or use the drops topically alone or by adding to an existing product.

Where Do You Buy Quality CBD?

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Since CBD is still so new to the market and with the limited research that’s been done so far, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate, legal CBD product and a knockoff with no legitimate lab results. 

“So, where to buy CBD gummies and tinctures?”, you may be asking yourself. You may have noticed brightly colored bottles of pills at the gas station that claim to have healing properties, or even a display of CBD products at your local pharmacy. How do you know if these are safe and FDA approved? 

  • Make sure the bottle lists the CBD milligrams clearly
  • Make sure the product says it is lab tested and the results are available to you
  • Make sure the product says Pure CBD isolate
  • Make sure the CBD is listed as hemp-derived

Products that do not meet these standards may not be FDA approved and may not live up to the claims they make about the effectiveness, or even the ingredients, in the product they offer. 

Where Can You Find CBD Reviews Online?

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CBD edibles reviews will help you choose CBD gummies you can trust. Since we do not have much information and research on CBD, some of the best information we can get is from each other and by listening to the experiences of those who use CBD. Just remember that each person will have their own unique experience with CBD and what works for others may not work the same for you. 

Will CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

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Since legal CBD is derived from hemp and not from the still federally legal cannabis plant, it will not make you fail a drug test. Drug tests typically test for the presence of THC, the component of cannabis that causes psychoactive effects, and not the compounds themselves like CBD. There is no CBD isolate drug test fail that tests for CBD and since legal hemp derived CBD contains less than .03% by law, it will not make you fail a drug test. 

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