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Stay Healthy and Happy During the Holidays

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It’s that wonderful holiday time of year again! The weather gets a little colder, and hot chocolate by the fire seems just a bit more magical. Decorative lights add a festive charm to our daily routine and the sound of seasonal nostalgia fills the air. The holidays are here!

It is also the time of year where we are faced with the tasks of gift-giving and receiving, table hopping from family to friends’ houses squeezing in important time with loved ones, and also still squeezing into the clothes you were wearing this summer. But don’t forget to be merry and bright, too! As amazing as the holidays can be, they can also be incredibly stressful. Even the happiest holiday has its moments. Take a look at our list of helpful ways to stay grounded and maintain your sanity and waistline this holiday season.

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All the running around of the holidays can leave your head spinning. It is easy to let the time get away from you. Before you know it, there is barely any time left for the things you normally do, let alone to take care of the extra responsibilities that come with the holidays. While you are buying gifts for everyone else, make sure to get yourself something special, too. 

 If you have not yet started microdosing CBD throughout the day for health benefits, then you need to experience CBD edibles and the wonderful, relaxing feeling that comes with the best keto CBD recipe and  keto CBD edibles out there. CBD is becoming more and more popular for so many reasons. 

Research has shown that a daily routine of CBD can help you relax and it has other health benefits as well. CBD helps your skin stay hydrated in cold months when used topically, and can even help you keep a clearer complexion and more youthful looking skin. It works naturally with your body’s own endocannabinoid system and it is impossible to take too much. You do not even have to worry about adverse reactions, or negatively interacting with other health routines you have already established. Of course you will want to tell your doctor if you take any new medications or vitamins, as they may want to lower your prescriptions if CBD is working for you. 

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We all look forward to those favorite recipes that are only broken out during special occasions, and sometimes this is the only time of year you might get to taste your absolute favorite dish! Absolutely indulge yourself. You deserve it! Just practice some moderation this holiday. You can have that slice of pecan pie. If you have really been good all year, why not? But don’t over do it. 

How, you ask? Moderation is key to everything it seems. But so is living in the moment. Savor every bite! Just take a smaller slice and take your time to really enjoy every bit. As you know, it only comes once a year. 

But for those moments when you just cannot resist your sweet tooth, try a vanilla CBD Oil tincture to take the edge off. Cotton candy CBD oil is another good one to help curb your appetite while everyone around you goes back for seconds. You can also use unflavored CBD oils in your favorite dessert this holiday, and calm those nerves so you will not be stress-eating through January. 

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Now that you’ve been feasting in all your glorious moderation, make sure to take a few steps and walk off some of those extra calories you earned. We all know how hard it is to keep to a fitness routine during the winter months, but adding in a few extra steps and stretches throughout your shopping excursions can help make up for lost gym time. 

Park a little further away from the entrance to the store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when you can. And do not be afraid to go back to the car a couple times while you unload your packages instead of trying to carry every bag all at once. That may seem like a good way to work in some strength training, but you’re better off sneaking in the cardio and saving the weights for the gym. 

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You spend the whole holiday season thinking of what to get someone else and how to make others happy, don’t forget to treat yourself, too. Don’t feel bad about getting yourself that home spa kit. It’s important to make yourself feel special, just like you would want for your loved ones you so carefully choose that unique present for. 

CBD gummy bears are a great way to microdose CBD throughout the day while enjoying the sweet treat of CBD gummies you can trust. Make sure you are not just buying the cheap, untested CBD products. Read some online CBD edibles reviews to make sure the ones you buy are quality, lab-tested and 100% natural. If you are curious about what strength you can choose from, they are often available in CBD gummies 1000mg, CBD gummies 500mg, and for those who want something right in the middle, you can opt for the CBD gummies 750mg

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When it comes down to it, life is short and there is no sense beating yourself up over a few extra bites of mashed potatoes. If you start feeling guilty about letting your healthy habits slip this holiday, don’t worry about it! We all make mistakes and you can resolve to make positive changes as the New Year rolls around. Just take care of yourself the best you can and relinquish any expectations you have for what the holiday should be, and just let it be. 

So this holiday, make it a good one and focus on spending a lot of  time with those you love, and not spending a lot of money. Pop a couple CBD gummies and relax. The memories you make will last a lifetime.

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