Screen Time and Skin Care: Is Blue Light Damaging Your Skin?

Is Blue Light Damaging Your Skin? 

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One of the downsides to social distancing and quarantining is the increase in time staring at various screens. Working from home, helping kids with schoolwork on their computers, filling the extra hours with television, and socializing with family and friends via social media and meetup apps takes its toll. 

The serious increase in screen time exposes people to more blue light than is normal or a good idea. This prolonged exposure can have a detrimental effect on your skin, making it important to understand what blue light is and how to combat the negative results it can cause.

Where Does Blue Light Come From?

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The sun emits blue, red and green lights and used to be the main source of blue light for people. The blue light contributes to a person feeling awake, alert, and in a good mood. It also helps regulate the circadian rhythm, which is the awake/sleep cycle everyone has. 

In modern times, we are exposed to higher amounts of blue light than previous generations due to it being emitted from things like computer screens, tablets, smartphones, and LED light bulbs. Think about how many waking hours you spend working, shopping, and socializing via screens that emit blue light. Add in times you stream movies and watch videos for entertainment, and it’s a good bet most of us are exposed to a detrimental high level of blue light.

Blue Light and Its Effect on Skin

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Studies show that prolonged long-term exposure to blue light can cause premature aging of the skin. Dr. Sabrina Fabi states that it can contribute to “accelerating the visible signs of aging, such as dark spots, wrinkles, and saggy or loose skin."

Everyone wants to maintain their youthful looking skin for as long as possible. Aging will eventually become a battle we all face, but why suffer from premature aging when there are modern day approaches for this modern day problem?

Did you know that dermatologists recommend CBD for skincare? Products like CBD oil drops and CBD oil gummies are a great way to help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. If you are new to the idea of CBD for skin care and CBD skin benefits, we’ve got the info you need about the top 5 skin care products

CBD Products Help In a Variety of Ways

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CBD products prove helpful dealing with health issues such as anxiety, trouble sleeping and pain. There are also CBD beauty benefits to explore. If you want to maintain your healthy looking skin or help repair damage already done, CBD treatments have got you covered. using CBD for skin inflammation proves beneficial as well as using it for the treatment of acne.

Since not one type of product fits all, you can choose from a variety of ways to get your CBD. You can relax with CBD bath bombs, CBD pure oil drops, and the popular CBD gummy. Whatever product you like and the specific need you have for it, we have got you covered. Take control of your beauty and health regimens with the wonderful world of CBD!


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