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Can CBD Oil Help with Acne Breakouts?

Find out how to treat skin blemishes with CBD skin creams and CBD edibles.

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How Does CBD Oil Work to Treat Acne?

Do not struggle with your harsh, routine acne treatments any longer. Treat your skin with respect and start using CBD oil to help treat those acne breakouts and your acne scarring naturally.Treating acne breakouts with CBD oil is super easy and gentle on your skin. You can use it with an existing skin care routine, or you can use it alone as an oil straight out of the bottle. 

CBD oil treats acne by preventing it in the first place. Our skin naturally produces oils that can clog our pores and create breakouts. These oils, called sebaceous fluids or sebum, can get out of hand, collecting dirt, and leading to an infected pore or hair follicle. This is what happens when you experience a pimple. In addition to oils and dirt to clog pores, stress and environmental pollutants called free-radicals also irritate our skin and cause it to break out. 

The oil your skin produces is necessary, though. It helps to maintain your skin’s natural hydration and elasticity, but CBD will help the oils from getting out of control and causing breakouts. The balance is in keeping your skin clean and dry, but nourished and protected. 

First thing to do is wash your face daily with a  good cleanser. Follow that with a  high quality hemp face serum, or a CBD face cream or CBD acne cream. Apply it generously to your face or any problem areas you have. Do this regularly. At least twice a day for the maximum results and best CBD beauty benefits.

If you do wind up with an embarrassing blemish on your face (other anywhere else) even after using CBD oil, try adding a little extra tincture straight from the bottle to the affected area each day. This will help reduce inflammation and any pain at the site. Make sure you’re washing your face with a good soap that does not leave residue and dry your skin completely before massaging in your CBD oil. 

Can CBD Oil Help Fade Acne Scars?

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CBD helps fade acne scars because it reduces inflammation at the site of acne, reducing redness. It also helps because CBD reduces scar tissue from forming with large amounts of collagen in it, which causes that pitted look of scars we all dread. 

Additionally, CBD Oil helps fade and prevent acne scars by making your skin more comfortable. It reduces the feeling of itching that happens during the healing process and any pain that might occur at the site of a pimple, so you will also be less likely to touch it. Everyone knows if you leave it alone, it will heal faster. 

How Can CBD Edibles Help Treat Skin Inflammation?

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If you really want an added boost of CBD for healthy skin, try adding CBD edibles like flavored CBD oil to your daily routine. Flavored CBD oil drops can help keep you calm and eliminate stress, which are factors leading to skin distress like breakouts and wrinkles even before oily build up occurs. 

You can even find keto CBD oil so you can stick to your healthy diet while microdosing sweet CBD oil. Or try CBD gummies. They are easy to take anywhere you go. Keep a bottle in your desk at work or in your gym bag. 

Looking for an even more rewarding way to treat skin problems? Relax in a hot bath infused with hemp oil. Try a vanilla bath bomb or a super cleansing charcoal CBD bath bomb from Sugar and Kush. Your pores will open up and the steamy CBD bath will wash away all the impurities of the day while totally relaxing your muscles. 

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take Daily?

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The best thing about using CBD medicinally is that there is no way to take too much CBD oil. That said, the recommended daily dose of 3000mg oil CBD or 1000mg cbd is three times every day. It is easy to reach the right dose by incorporating CBD oil into various parts of your day or weekly routine. 

You can mix this up a little and find the right dose for you. Try adding CBD tinctures to your coffee in the morning. Or add some to a smoothie for lunch. CBD helps treat acne topically but taking it with food or a favorite drink will help you get all the benefits of cannabis from within, too. Start low and go slow to give your body time to adjust, but do not worry about taking too much. In addition to tinctures and bath bombs, try CBD cookies or adding flavored CBD tinctures to shakes, salad dressings, or in baked goods recipes of your choosing.

CBD oil is not psychoactive, either. You will not get the high associated with products that contain THC, the compound most often associated with cannabis. CBD will not make you fail a drug test like THC would, and it will not interfere with other medications or heath routines you use now. To be cautious, always tell your doctor about any new medications or vitamins you start taking, including CBD. 

Can I Order CBD Oil Online?

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Like most things these days, CBD oil drops can be ordered online and delivered directly and discreetly to your door. Just make sure you are purchasing your tinctures from a reputable source. Avoid the CBD drops you see at gas stations or from seedy smoke shops. A little research will help you find the best quality CBD oils for you. Look for ingredients that say 100% all-natural, non-GMO, keto-friendly, and those which are tested for quality. 

Sugar and Kush is known to sell the best CBD on the market, and they provide online testimonials so you can be sure about the product you purchase. Not only that but they also lab-test their products to ensure the highest quality and ingredients. 

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