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Who doesn’t love a strawberry? The succulent All Natural flavor of strawberry is now infused into our pure CBD isolate and coconut MCT oil formula for your enjoyment. Whether you like dipping strawberries in powdered sugar, slicing them up for your fruit bowl in the morning or indulging in the occasional strawberry milkshake, you will love Sugar and Kush Strawberry CBD Oil.

Sugar and Kush CBD tinctures are perfect any way you want to take them. Our customers love to cook with our CBD oils, use the dropper to drip it right onto their food or under their tongue for the quickest delivery method. Strawberry flavored CBD oil is a perfect addition to our lineup of flavored CBD tinctures. If you look at any of our CBD reviews, people rave about how good they taste and we know you will all love our new strawberry CBD. It has no THC, so don’t worry about that, expect only a calmness and focus to help you through your day.

Mixed with our thin coconut-derived MCT oil, your body will take this strawberry flavored CBD tincture and deliver it to all the places your body needs relief. It comes with a third party CBD lab test you can look at by clicking View Lab Report right below the Add to Cart button. Like all of our CBD products, the strawberry CBD oil is keto-friendly with no sugar. Add strawberry shortcake to your list of CBD recipes or make some delicious strawberry muffins with some added CBD benefits.

Here are some considerations people look for when they want to buy CBD oil:

  • CBD for calmness

  • CBD for focus

  • CBD for sleep

  • All-natural CBD ingredients

  • No psychoactive effects (no THC)

  • CBD that is non-GMO

  • CBD products with the best bioavailability

  • CBD that is lab tested

  • CBD cultivated with best farming practices

  • CBD that is extracted from hemp oil right here in the United States

Strawberry CBD oil for sale:

  • CBD tincture 500mg bottle

    • The 1 ml dropper will contain approximately 17 mgs of CBD

  • CBD tincture 1000mg bottle

    • The 1 ml dropper will contain approximately 33 mgs of CBD


MCT Oil, Artificial Flavoring, 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate.



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