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We've got the BEST TASTING, hemp-based solutions around. We're obsessed with creating flavorful products that deliver the calming relaxation or symptom relief you NEED. We also pride ourselves on having some of the best customer support around so you can shop knowing we've got your back no matter what.

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Life is SO hectic and stressful lately. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to flood your body with warm, melty, relaxation and tingly sensations? Wouldn’t it be even BETTER if it tasted great, too?!

We know -- you think that’s asking for too much. Here at Sugar & Kush, we KNOW it’s not -- because we’ve already achieved it with our hemp-powered GUMMIES!

Each bottle contains 30 25MG bears made from all natural, non-GMO, pesticide free ingredients and are ZERO calories, low in sugar, and Keto friendly -- so they’re perfect for any diet or fitness routine. That’s right -- they only TASTE like cheat day.

Stop thinking you can’t get high-quality, effective botanically enhanced gummies that also taste great! We’ve helped COUNTLESS people experience the bliss they deserve. Want to be one of them? Come see the Sugar & Kush difference TODAY!

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Want Even More Relaxation?

Take your Sugar & Kush experience to the next level with one of our hemp-based bath bombs! Melt into pure bliss in your bathtub as our botanical formulations wash away your troubles and replace them with a tingly, melty feel you'll love! Treat yourself to the ultimate self-care staycation with Sugar & Kush!

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Made in USA | Non-GMO | Zero THC

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