Our Founders

Laura Brenner

Founder & Product Oversight Manager

As one of the founding partners and main inspiration for Sugar and Kush, Laura now oversees all quality control of Sugar and Kush CBD oil products and their development.

p>Early Life

Laura Brenner is one of the true pioneers for promoting the benefits of CBD to the world. In 2013, at the age of 31, Laura learned she had become very sick. Being a strong willed woman of faith, she refused to let the diagnosis bring her down and actively began researching natural alternatives. She found Dr. Max Gerson’s research and embraced it entirely. Her research led her to becoming a vegan and she adopted an entirely holistic and natural lifestyle. One vital natural herb she discovered came from the hemp plant, CBD.

Shortly after making her transformation to an all-natural holistic diet and lifestyle, her doctors informed her that she had improved. Her story spread and people from around the world reached out to her for guidance. At that time stigmas surrounding the hemp plant were still prevalent and the benefits of CBD oil were generally unknown. Laura wanted to help bring CBD oil to the people that needed it, but she wanted to do even more.

She was inspired to create a healthy CBD product that even people following the strictest diets could include in their daily routines. She wanted to bring a fun product to the people as well. A product that could make everyone smile. The branding behind Sugar and Kush CBD products is meant to be fun with its beautiful pink coloring. Each package is like a small present. For the sick, the medicinal world can be very bland. She wanted to change that.

Sugar and Kush offers the following kinds of products under Laura’s guidance.

  • Diet CBD products
  • Keto CBD products
  • Sugar free CBD products

Today, Laura continues to use CBD oil as a part of her maintenance program. While CBD oil continues to play a vital role in her life, it is only one piece of the puzzle that enables her to keep her body in optimal health.

The Beginning of Sugar and Kush

After considering how little the world seemed to know about CBD and the profound impact hemp oil had on her, the idea of starting a company that offered a pure CBD oil to the world came to her. She went to some of her closest friends and her husband to talk about it.

“I told them I wanted to help people on a much larger scale than I am able to do now. So I thought, how do I reach millions of people with this message of healing? When I was studying CBD, I knew it could restore the body. I said, ‘Guys lets do this. Let’s start a company.""

Sugar and Kush CBD products are healthy, but they also taste great too. Made with a monk fruit sweetener, everything from the CBD oils to the CBD edibles like CBD gummies and CBD cookies taste amazing.

“We developed Sugar and Kush CBD products with little to no sugar so you can have your sweets too. I wanted to hit every aspect of everyone’s life. Our products are also great for diabetics and people following the Keto diet. I want to make sure we are including everyone in the world so that all can enjoy it and I don't want anyone to feel left out. Sugar and Kush is for everyone.” ~ Laura Brenner

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Danielle Papajan

Founder and Operations Manager

Danielle Papajan is an entrepreneur and has worked in corporate sales throughout her career. She is a founder of Sugar and Kush and uses her specialized skill sets in business operations and sales to propel Sugar and Kush forward.

Early Life

When Laura Brenner came up with the idea of starting a company that would spread the benefits of CBD to the world, Danielle Papajan was one of the first of her friends to hear about it. As her best friend, Danielle was devastated to hear about Laura's diagnosis and equally astonished and relieved by Laura's rapid recovery.

Danielle struggles with Hypothyroidism and Celiac Disease. Both conditions are associated with her immune system and can cause chronic pain and thyroid hormone imbalances. Both conditions have also been associated with a deficient endocannabinoid system.

Sugar and Kush

After Laura Brenner told Danielle about her aspirations to start a CBD oil company, Danielle took the first business trip to California to help guide Laura. One of the businesses that Danielle had started as an entrepreneur involved food products like smoothies and she figured she may have some insights into the operations of a business focused on CBD for wellness.

Through her years of networking in college and the business world, Danielle helped Laura make the necessary connections to launch Sugar&Kush CBD. Today, Danielle continues to develop the growth of Sugar and Kush by traveling regularly as a sales specialist for the company. CBD oil also helps her with the stresses and pains of constant traveling and networking.

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