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What Is CBG and How Does It Work?

What Is CBG and How Does It Work

CBD products seem to be everywhere and it's not overly surprising why. Toting the relaxing and calming properties marijuana has to offer without the high, it’s no wonder CBD has grown in popularity. 

But, CBD’s reign as the fan-favorite may be threatened by the arrival of a new compound: CBG.   

This lesser-known cannabis compound is quickly gaining a following. Read on to see why. 

What Is CBG?

Marijuana plants consist of more than 100 different compounds, called cannabinoids. The two main cannabinoids, THC and CBD, are present at the highest levels in the plant. CBG or cannabigerol is one of the other compounds in marijuana but is present at low levels, making it a minor cannabinoid. 

Though it may be sparse, CBG is known as a mother cannabinoid because it creates THC and CBD, which is why it is found at such low levels.

Cannabis plants produce cannabigerol acid (CBGA) on their own. Specific enzymes in the plant break the CBGA down and direct it toward one of three lines: THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. Once exposed to light, the acid falls off, becoming the cannabinoids we are most familiar with: THC and CBD. Since most CBGA is converted into THC and CBD, CBG usually comes in at levels of 1 percent or lower. 

CBG Effects

CBG Effects

CBG has effects very similar to CBD. It has anti-inflammatory properties that could help fight inflammation and relieve pain. It has also been shown to help ease feelings of nausea.

Like CBD, CBG is also non-psychoactive, meaning people who use CBG will not get high.

How Does CBG Work?

The body’s endocannabinoid system processes CBG. This system is responsible for keeping our body in an optimal state, no matter what’s going on around us. 

CBG imitates the endocannabinoids our body naturally makes, binding to receptors in the body and strengthening the role of certain neurotransmitters. This is what causes enhanced feelings of pleasure and motivation and the other effects CBG is known (so far) to bring.

Where Can I Find CBG Products?

Pure CBG products are hard to find. This is because CBG is available in such small amounts. And if you do find CBG products, they will likely be quite expensive. 

The good news is that many CBD products will contain trace amounts of CBG. Broad-based CBD oil will likely contain the most CBG, but many CBD products offer a combination of CBD and CBG. 

CBD pure oil drops, however, contain only CBD. When looking for CBD products containing CBG, be wary of anything labeled as pure CBD.

CBD and CBG Uses

CBD and CBG Uses

Considering using CBD products? CBD benefits are many, and its products can be used to treat a variety of concerns. CBD for stress, CBD for PMS, and even CBD for skin care are all common uses of this popular compound. 

CBD skin benefits are just now becoming well-known and popular. Many beauty products are starting to be infused with CBD (and in turn, CBG) to enhance people’s results from using them and keep people looking their best. 

For example, CBD oil face could help relieve redness caused by inflammation. CBD oil might also help ease the pain in specific parts of the body. 

A CBD bath bomb allows our largest organ, our skin, to soak up CBD everywhere. CBD bath bombs combine CBD’s relaxing properties and pain-relieving properties with the soothing feel of a warm bath to create a truly relaxing experience, which is good for the skin and mind. 

CBD + CBG body butter is a popular choice for moisturizing. CBG is thought to help encourage the skin to produce moisture, which is important in keeping skin looking young. Body butter can help keep the skin on your body looking its best. 

Other CBD Options

If beauty products aren’t your thing, there are other ways to get CBD and CBG into your system. CBD gummies 750mg and other CBD edibles are becoming top choices for people to take CBD discreetly. 

More people are also starting to cook with CBD. CBD recipes can help you determine the best ways to infuse your food with CBD and nourish your body from within. 

Buying CBD and CBG

Buying pure CBG is expensive—if you can even find it. But, buying non-pure CBD products will likely allow you to incorporate some CBG into your routine. 

You can find CBD for sale online through a retailer or in a local store. Just be sure your research the product you buy so you know how to use it and confirm it contains CBG. 

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