It's important to remember that CBD does not counter the unhealthy effects of eating too much sugar.

Why Low Calorie and Delicious CBD Cookies Are Right For You

CBD baked goods can be a wonderful way to add CBD to your daily routine. The amount of CBD products being sold can seem overwhelming. As consumers, we want our choices simplified and we want to know what is healthy for us.  

Before buying CBD, maybe you should try cooking with CBD oil, learn more about what’s available and what’s right for maintaining a healthy diet.

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Grandma Asks the Hard Questions

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The other day my grandmother gave me ‘the eyebrow’. You all know that look; the one that says I am naive, immature and acting like an entitled brat. She’s probably right to give me that skeptical look some of the time, but this time I stood my ground.

“If all they have been saying about this CBD is true, my dear," Grandma said, "let my doctor prescribe it to me. Nobody takes medicine through a cookie. That’s absurd!”

I looked down at the package of CBD oil I had pulled up on my phone to show her. I had to admit that even I was second-guessing the purchase.

“Honey, I would be happy to bake you some cookies,” Grandma continued. “You are looking a little thin. Is everything alright?”

The benefits of adding cannabidiol (CBD) to your daily routine is challenging to explain. If I had told my grandmother that CBD came from hemp, her eyes would have rolled out of her head. 

There are thousands of CBD brands and tons of ads selling every type of product imaginable infused with this molecule that has been around for ages. Even my dog’s groomer has a counter full of boxes of CBD biscuits! 

Being fully informed about CBD products can prove difficult when there are unscrupulous brands trying to take advantage of their popularity. Some products are mislabeled and some say more studies are needed to fully understand what’s on the market now.  

My grandmother is right to question the benefits of food infused with CBD. Smart consumers need to learn to separate quality products from scams. When it comes to CBD products, the key is to look for the certificate of analysis from a third-party lab. 

What is a CBD cookie?

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Whether or not cookies are infused with CBD oil, they are treats meant to be eaten sparingly as a dessert or occasional snack. Any health professional will tell you that balance in our diet is essential. We can make cookies that are low-sugar and low-calorie, but if instead of just eating one or two we end up eating an entire bag, then we are not being healthy.

If you are trying to eat healthy and watch your caloric intake, enjoying treats like CBD cookies and brownies makes sense. Adopting a healthy diet with CBD oil products allows you the ability to balance your intake and still enjoy the sweeter things in life.   

Sugar and Kush CBD cookies for sale are made with a natural coconut MCT oil that tastes delicious without the sugar or calories. Coconut oil absorbs CBD easily, allowing our bodies to make the most of the cannabidiol. 

Why buy CBD gummy bears?

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I take my adult vitamins in the morning in gummy form, because I love gummy bears, so why not low-sugar, low-calorie CBD gummies too? They are convenient to take with you on the go and easy to just pop one in your mouth.

Will I fail drug tests?

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Nope. Employers typically test for THC-COOH, a compound found in urine after someone smokes marijuana. Most CBD products are derived from hemp, which is a different plant. The 2018 Farm Bill, which included the Hemp Farming Act, made hemp-derived CBD legal. Be sure to check any CBD product you are considering for lab results to ensure there is no THC.

Some employers are confused about the legal status of hemp and CBD. If it comes up, you can tell your boss or potential employer that you are taking a pure CBD isolate derived from hemp, which is completely legal nationwide and has no psychoactive effects. Pure cannabidiol does not create any kind of mind-altering effects. If anything, it can help you focus while at work.

What do CBD infused drinks do?

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Pure lab-tested CBD isolate infused products should balance you out. The difference with infused drinks is that it is a little more challenging to dose yourself properly. Consumers may need to go through a trial and error process to find out the right dosage for them.

Typical CBD gummy bears will have about 25 mg of CBD in them. I recommend starting with a 25 mg CBD dose in a drink and working your way up from there, if needed. 

Is infused candy legal?

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Absolutely. It can be infused into nearly anything. What is important to remember is that cannabidiol is about health and wellness, not countering the unhealthiness of eating too many candies and filling your body with triglycerides. 

Will it make me hungry?

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Unlike THC, CBD does not stimulate hunger or give you a case of the munchies. If not having a regular appetite is a concern, it may actually settle an upset stomach enough to bring that on. 

In Conclusion

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I heard the other day that the makers of Oreos are going to start their own line of CBD products. How many people are going to believe they can stuff their face full of junk food because it is infused with CBD? Mary Poppins telling you that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down is just a song!

Many of us deal with certain medical conditions such as allergies, diabetes and hepatitis that make our food choices even more important. Some people are focusing on weight loss or maintenance but don’t want to deprive themselves of delicious food that doesn’t derail a diet and exercise plan. 

Others deal with chronic pain or anxiety. What we all have in common is the desire to utilize products that help alleviate physical or emotional ailments via a healthy delivery system. 

My grandmother belongs to a generation that takes what looks like a million pills a day to address a host of symptoms. Often the pills come with side effects, causing a need to take more pills. Our generation is about trying to find natural alternatives that improve our quality of life.

I ended up making CBD cookies from scratch with my grandmother. She thought they were delicious and thinks they do help her feel better. It’s wonderful to have that in common with her.

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