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Our Ultimate Guide on How to Use CBD Topicals

Do you have questions about what CBD is or how to use hemp oil topically?  Can you use CBD oil to treat skin inflammation? Read our Sugar and Kush Ultimate Guide to Using CBD Topicals to get the answers you have been looking for!

Why Should You Use CBD Oil Topically?

The Sugar and Kush Ultimate Guide to Using CBD Topicals

So much research is available now on why CBD oil is good for skin conditions, so we decided to cover just a few of the uses that many people are trying for young, healthy skin. From its anti-aging properties to CBD’s ability to prevent break-outs, there is no reason why you should not have a bottle of CBD tincture in your medicine cabinet.

Research suggests that daily use of CBD both topically and ingested orally or sublingually is full of great health benefits. Not only is it calming and helps to reduce stress, but it has anti-oxidant and cell-regenerative properties as well. CBD also helps fight inflammation, and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkle. It also helps prevent the look of scarring when used during the healing process. 

What is Full Spectrum CBD and Why Does That Matter?

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Do you know what full spectrum CBD oil is and why it is important for maximum CBD health benefits? This is important because it will help you choose the best quality CBD tincture you can find. Full spectrum means that the cannabis oil contains all the other naturally occurring compounds like the medicinal terpenes, flavors, and scents. Plus, when these ingredients work together, they work better and more effectively. So with full-spectrum CBD products, you are getting more bang for your buck and the most benefits possible from the oil you choose.

Sugar and Kush carries full-spectrum all-natural CBD isolate tinctures you can take sublingually or add to your favorite moisturizer to make your own CBD skin cream. They also sell amazing bath bombs and full spectrum CBD gummies so you can treat yourself from the inside out. 

How Can I Use CBD Topically?

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There are a few easy ways to use CBD oils topically. The fastest and easiest way is to just use a few drops of hemp oil straight out of the bottle and directly on problem skin areas. This is a great way to use CBD for acne breakouts and to prevent future blemishes. CBD helps fight acne by decreasing inflammation and reducing the oily build up your skin produces, which causes acne in the first place. You can use CBD oil for rosacea or to help minimize scarring this way, too. Just apply CBD oil to the affected area of a clean, dry face twice a day. 

You can also add a little CBD oil to your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen. The best way to do this is add 1000mg CBD oil at a time to a wide-mouth jar of skin cream and blend well to your desired consistency. 

Another great way to enjoy CBD topically is with relaxing bath bombs. Soak away your worries with the delicious scents of a vanilla bath bomb from Sugar and Kush. Or try one of their purifying charcoal CBD bath bombs. If you can not pick just one, try the variety pack that comes with vanilla, charcoal, and lavender bath bombs. 

How Much CBD Can I Take Daily?

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The proper dosage of CBD tincture 3000mg CBD oil oil daily. Apply it liberally to the skin either alone or mixed into other skin creams, bath bombs, or oils. Use frequently. At least twice a day. Are you wondering, “What is the maximum CBD I can take daily?" Whatever you are comfortable with, actually. CBD edible doses and tinctures are both safe to use all day, every day and with each other for maximum benefits. 

Any CBD dosage is better than none. But if you are just starting out, start low and go slow to let your body adjust. Start with 1000mg CBD topically at first and work your way up to the recommended dose of 3000mg CBD applied topically daily.

Can I Buy CBD Online?

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CBD oil, hemp serums, and CBD infused skin creams can be found at most major retailers these days. Your corner pharmacy probably sells a couple different kinds of CBD oils and even shampoos with hemp in it.

You can even buy CBD online if you want to have it delivered to your door instead. Just make sure to read the labels to be positive that the CBD you are using is all-natural hemp isolate or cannabidiol and not just hemp seed oil. This is important since the hemp seed itself does not contain the healthful CBD compound that you find in the rest of the cannabis plant. 

Sugar and Kush CBD oils are all lab tested for quality ingredients, and the online customer reviews are raving about how great using CBD for skin problems is and they will make you feel secure about purchasing CBD from a reputable company like Sugar and Kush. 

Passing a Drug Test with CBD Oil

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Do not worry about potentially failing a drug test using CBD oil. Many employers these days test for illicit drugs, but you have nothing to worry about if you are using a 100% pure all-natural CBD isolate with absolutely no THC.

If you are worried about failing a drug test with CBD then make sure the product you purchase is guaranteed not to have any THC in it at all. Sugar and Kush uses a third party lab to test their tinctures and other products for THC and to ensure that only the highest quality CBD isolate is being used. You have nothing to worry about with Sugar and Kush. Just check out their reviews online. 

If you are wondering, “Can CBD oil cause you to test positive on drug test the answer is absolutely not. Since drug tests check for a compound your body produces when you ingest THC and not for cannabis itself, CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test. 

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