People have been giving CBD oil to their pets but more research on CBD products is necessary.

For pet owners, their pet’s well-being is a top priority. Just like humans, pets experience health issues. A pet experiencing health problems can be stressful and frustrating; they cannot talk and tell you what’s wrong, but as a caring pet owner you recognize the little guy or girl is suffering. This experience can be difficult to navigate especially when you add the cost of vet bills to determine what is happening with a member of your family.

CBD for pets is something new for many people, but the trend is growing among pet owners for a variety of reasons. Pet owners are beginning to take a comprehensive approach to the health and wellness of their pets from what they feed their animals, to increasing exercise, and even adding a vitamin regimen. This approach to animal health is where pure CBD oil comes into play. Maybe you have a new puppy that is an explosion of excitability and needs to calm down some, or if you have an old friend with creaky joints, unflavored CBD oil may be an option.

All pet owners and lovers want to be fully aware of safety when it comes to giving something to their pet. Pets can’t read labels or do research, so as a responsible pet owner we have to do it for them. While there just has not been much research concerning the benefits of CBD for our pets, the American Veterinary Medical Association has weighed in on the topic.

Part of the mystery around cannabis and animals is because of the fact cannabis is still federally illegal, so there hasn’t been funding or legal access to cannabis for potential projects. Without that research, the American Veterinary Medical Association can’t state that vets are allowed to even discuss cannabis as a possible recommended medication without risking their medical license. That being said, they released a document to members in February of this year titled 'Cannabis: What Veterinarians Need to Know' to help doctors 'advise clients and treat patients who may have been exposed to marijuana.'

CBD works in humans by interacting with our endocannabinoid system. Our (ECS) is directly tied to various bodily systems that regulate mood and stress. Our puppies and kitties also have an ECS, as do all mammals. What this means is that CBD may provide similar benefits to our pets as it does to us humans. 

You likely shouldn’t give your dog the same dose of CBD drops you would use for yourself. Most cats and dogs are significantly smaller than their owners, although there are some very large breed dogs that may require larger doses. Please remember though that dogs and cats have a very different physiology than people do. Start low and slowly work your way up until you find the proper dose for your pet.

When you buy CBD for your pets, shop like you would for yourself. Look for a product not littered with additives or other harmful ingredients. Make sure there is no THC in the product, and always look for a company that provides certificates of analysis confirming the contents of the product. We love and care for our pets as members of our families and CBD is something that could help them with current ailments or fend off something lurking in the background.


July 05, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen