Know what seemingly small things can contribute to our chronic anxiety.

Doing These 4 Things Can Worsen Your Anxiety

We may not know it, but there are a lot of things we do on a daily basis that are actually worsening our anxiety. If you’re someone who lives your life often plagued by anxiety or nervousness, finding the sources of this anxiety or ways to reduce it can do wonders for our mental health.

To hopefully ease some of your everyday anxiety, we’ve listed four common things that we do that are making our anxiety or anxiety symptoms worse. With this, once we recognize these actions, we can do our best to stop them, and potentially help curtail those sweaty palms and racing heartbeats.

Drinking Too Much Caffeine

If you drink too much coffee in the morning, that could be a real cause of chronic anxiety.

Nobody wants to hear it, but drinking several cups of coffee per day is probably not helping your anxiety. Unfortunately for some of us, even just the smallest amounts of caffeine can amp up our anxiety enough to make us feel uneasy and panicked.

All of this happens because caffeine is essentially a stimulant, giving most of us jittery and energetic effects. When we also have anxiety, though, this often results in overstimulation, making our senses feel out of control and completely overwhelmed.

Tomorrow, try sticking to one cup of coffee in the late-morning and see how you feel. Decaffeinated is also a great option, as well as tea with little or no caffeine. Though it can be rough, we promise that it’s worth it.


We’re all guilty of a little procrastination now and again. Okay, maybe more frequently than that. Regardless of how often we choose to put off tasks or errands, every time we do it, we’re likely worsening our general anxiety. The act of pushing things off may feel okay at the moment, but we all know just how guilty we feel at the end of the day for not being as productive as we wanted. This guilt can turn into worse emotions, eventually leaving us feeling anxious about all we need to accomplish.

Next time you find yourself moving your to-do list to another day, think about your mental wellbeing. Is this going to help or hinder your anxious thoughts?

Forgetting to Eat/Eating Poorly

The busier we are, the more often we turn to unhealthy food. Or, sometimes we just forget to eat at all. While indulging in some fast food once in a while is totally acceptable, when this is our go-to choice, both our body and mind suffer.

If you are a ‘round the clock person, try meal prepping! Doing this can ensure that you’re not only eating, but you’re eating healthily. Plus, it will save you time throughout the week when you don’t have to cook your meals. Taking the time to nourish our bodies can give our mind the balance it needs to feel its most at peace.

Spending All Day Inside

Even if you’re someone who works from home, staying inside all day can do serious damage to your mental health. Your body requires things like vitamin C to feel energized, as well as occasional movement to keep the blood flowing. When you stay sedentary and do not experience natural sunlight, becoming depressed and anxious is all too easy.

Take a step outside. Even if it’s just for a little, your mind and body will thank you greatly. Along with taking a deep breath of fresh air, eat some veggies and check small things off your to-do list. These little changes can do surprising wonders for your anxiety, leaving you feeling more calm and level-headed than you ever thought possible.

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