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Comfort foods like ice cream are not the healthiest choice, but with CBD you don't need the sweets to be comfortable.

Comfort food is a bit of a dirty word (or phrase) in the world of health and fitness. While we want to limit our intake of “comfort foods”sometimes a little indulgent reward is in order. For some it may come in the form of cookies, cakes or sweets. For others it may be pizza, burgers or french fries. While all of our naughty foods of choice may vary, they all share one commonality of bringing us a hint of joy, even if in a brief and fleeting moment.

Just by the name we know what comfort foods do, they make us more comfortable for one reason or another. How they do that is a bit different for everyone whether it’s bringing some flavor into a bland diet, or pumping up the serotonin levels prior to a woman’s period. But what if there was a way to bring a universal comfort promoter to our comfort foods? Enter CBD oil. Restaurants, chefs, and food manufacturers are beginning to experiment with adding pure CBD oil to their various food stuffs. CBD proponents taut its ability to aid in relaxation and reduce anxiety, adding it to the food we enjoy is the next logical step.

A burger maybe comfort food, but not health food, which is why we suggest finding comfort with CBD.  

Restaurants are taking their relationship with hemp to the next level by adding CBD or cannabinoids to dishes. CBD is the non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant purported to have calming effects. And on April 20th, the unofficial getting-high holiday, Carl’s Jr., owned by Franklin, Tenn-based CKE, plans to release a burger paired with the chain's Santa Fe Sauce infused with a hemp-based CBD oil. The burger, Rocky Mountain High: Cheese Burger Delight (CBD), will be sold for one day only at a Carl’s Jr. in Denver, where use of CBD as a food additive is legal in Colorado. In addition to the special sauce, the burger is topped with pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, and fries.

 Adding cannabidiol to sauces is a popular trend which allows your guests and taste testers to choose if they like the added ingredient, but there are other ways to incorporate CBD into food. Sugar and Kush has both flavored and unflavored tinctures that can be used as standalone products or added to food. Sugar and Kush also already has CBD gummies that can be snacked on anywhere at anytime. Besides gummies and drops, Sugar and Kush will also have a variety of cookies and brownies to soothe those cravings for sweets without the sugar, while also helping to calm your nerves and help you relax.

While the science behind CBD hemp oil is catching up to the evolving legislation around hemp, we do know there are thousands of people that have consistently seen positive results using some form of a CBD product. Benefits range from better sleep, reduced anxiety, management of PMS symptoms, reduced seizures and more. While no two people’s experiences are the same, if you are looking to try a possible natural alternative to a certain wellness issue, why not do it in the form of something you enjoy?