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CBD for Sale at the New York Sate Fair

The famous New York State Fair has always featured new innovative products, and guess what one of its featured items for this year's fair is? You got it, CBD! The New York Sate Fair is offering CBD for sale in certain forms. Fair goers will not be able to find CBD edibles like CBD baked goods, gummies or beverages though. The state of New York is still trying to determine rules about selling CBD products for human oral consumption. Attendees will find all sorts of exotic food though like kangaroo, shark and ostrich jerky.

  • 1832 – In February the New York State Agricultural Society was founded in Albany by a group of farmers, legislators, and others to promote agricultural improvement and local fairs.
  • 1890s – Burdened with debt from constructing permanent buildings on the site, the Agricultural Society turned to state government for relief. New York State purchased the grounds in 1899 and took over management of the fair the next year, creating the 11-member State Fair Commission appointed by the governor.
  • 1942-1947 – No fair was held, as the fairgrounds became a military base during World War II.
  • 1972 – Sonny and Cher perform at the fair’s Empire Court, breaking the fair’s concert attendance records.

The New York State Fair has been going on a long time and just recently started adding CBD products to the allowable list of goods sold.

As fairs go, The New York State Fair is one of the biggest, oldest and most well known around the country.This year, one day saw 124,000 attendees. It is one more piece of evidence of how normal CBD has become around the country. People are excited about its potential. They talk about it all over social media, on the news and in inner circles around the United States. Despite there only being a relatively limited amount of research supporting testimonial claims of the benefits of CBD, people are very curious.

Now the 13-day fair can see more than one million attendees. Do you think in 1947 anyone would have ever imagined CBD vendors attending the fair? Probably not. All the same, it behooves companies to bear in mind corporate social responsibility. Trends can build-up to a point where everyone is so wrapped up in them that they can lose objectivity. More research is necessary to understand what CBD can do, not to mention what the right CBD dosage is from person-to-person.

You can find CBD edibles, CBD oil, CBD gummies and more at state fairs these days.

There all sorts of products for people to try. You can find CBD cookies, CBD brownies, CBD tincture 1000mg bottles, and all sorts of flavored CBD oil. Sugar and Kush only wants to offer the most healthy sorts of ingredients in our CBD products. That is why we use coconut derived MCT oil as the best sort of carrier for CBD. It is why our CBD baked goods have hardly any sugar or calories at all. We support the wellness of people but the same time are focused on making our products taste good.

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