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Army Service Member Must Stay Away From CBD Products

After the passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, often referred to as the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp containing less than .3% THC on a dry-weight basis and its derivatives became legal on the federal level. However, that does not mean that every professional sports league or military branch is permitting their athletes or service members to consume CBD gummies and CBD tinctures. Recently, Army representative Patricia Deuster, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, reaffirmed that Army service member must not consume CBD products.

People across the United States are buzzing about CBD. The wide variety of products that are on the market now are stymieing. Here at Sugar and Kush we offer a wide variety of CBD oil flavors like cotton candy CBD oil, vanilla CBD oil, hazelnut CBD oil, bubble gum CBD oil and more. We have 500mg CBD edibles like cooking with cbd oil and brownies. We also offer CBD gummies, but people can access CBD vapes, tablets, capsules, candy and more these days. It is hard to imagine the perspective of military service members that might find the new product appealing.

Due to the fact that some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, the military is not mincing words about its service members taking CBD. If they fail a drug test for having THC in their system, the Army has no interest in hearing their excuses that they did not know there was THC in the product or that they never actually felt any psychoactive effects. Other military branches have not been quite as strict but they still have strong stances about their policies towards members having THC in their system.

The warning, along with the policies issued recently by the Air Force, Coast Guard and Department of the Navy, comes as CBD is becoming increasingly ubiquitous across the country in many forms, from coffee additives and vaping liquids to tinctures, candies and other foods, carrying promises of health benefits ranging from pain and anxiety relief to sleeping aids and inflammation reduction.

But while the legislation removed cannabidiol from the Schedule I list of illicit substances, it did not necessarily legalize all CBD products. And since the products are unregulated and untested, there's no way to tell exactly what a person is buying or using, Deuster told reporters in a phone call from the Military Health System Research Symposium on Tuesday.

The CBD industry is still in a transition phase since its legality is new. Regulatory bodies across the country are trying to determine the best rules to implement to protect consumers and follow the letter of the law. Our CBD tinctures and CBD edibles are sourced from legal hemp and are analyzed by a third-party lab to ensure CBD concentrations and that there is no THC. Please reference the Lab Purity Testing link below the Add to Cart button on each of the product pages.

Read more at Military.com.

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