Using CBD for Mood Swings

CBD for Mood: How CBD Can Help Manage Your Swings

Using CBD for Mood Swings

Everyone has had a day where they were in a bad mood. Everything seems to go wrong. But, have you ever gone from having a great day to a bad day for seemingly no reason? Perhaps you have swung between moods multiple times in one day. 

Mood swings can affect not only the person experiencing them but also those around the person. They can cause relationships to become strained and the person who is struggling with them to feel isolated.

While underlying severe medical issues can cause some mood swings, others may be triggered by less severe issues such as PMS.

Whatever the cause of your mood swings, many people are looking for more natural ways to stabilize their mood. One option that is becoming more popular is CBD. 

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It is also one of two that are most prominent in weed. 

CBD stands for cannabinol. It helps users feel relaxed without the psychoactive properties associated with THC, the most common cannabinoid found in marijuana. Because it offers calming effects without the high feeling, some people prefer using CBD products to regular marijuana flowers. 

There are three different types of CBD on the market today: 

  • Isolate CBD, which contains only CBD.
  • Full-spectrum CBD, which contains other compounds found in a marijuana plant (including THC).
  • Broad-spectrum, which contains other compounds found in a marijuana plant but not THC. 

It is important to know what type of CBD product you are purchasing before using it, as the presence of other compounds can impact the effects you’ll feel.

What Is CBD

What Are Mood Swings?

Everyone experiences changes in their mood through the day and from day to day. But, rapid changes in intense emotions are not as normal and are often described as mood swings. 

When mood swings start impacting your daily life and relationships, it is time to see a physician for help diagnosing the underlying cause of your mood swings. Mood swings can be caused by many things, including:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Medications (a side effect)
  • Hormone imbalances and changes 

Using CBD to Stabilize Mood

Whatever the reason for your mood swings, many people are turning to CBD to help stabilize them. CBD for stress and CBD for anxiety are common uses, and now, CBD for mood stabilization. 

CBD is thought to help stabilize user’s moods at the chemical level. CBD could work with neurotransmitters to help mood regulation and improve people’s emotional well-being. 

How to Take CBD

How to Take CBD

There is a multitude of CBD products on the market, making it easy for users to take CBD discreetly and in a way that appeals to them. Popular CBD products include: 

  • CBD candy, a great option for those with a sweet tooth
  • Baked goods CBD such as cookies and brownies
  • The best CBD gummies offer CBD effects with a fruity flavor. The best quality CBD gummies are available in different dosages and flavors.
  • The best CBD bath bombs offer a relaxing experience. Try a CBD bath bomb bundle to try out different combinations of CBD and relaxing scents. 
  • The best CBD edibles include drink mixes and capsules. 

Finding the Best CBD Dosage

Whether looking for the best CBD gummies for sleep or mood control or just to enjoy, choosing the right amount of CBD to take is important. 

Unfortunately, there is no CBD dosage calculator to determine precisely how much you should take to get the effects you want. Everyone’s body is unique and reacts to CBD differently. Instead, it is best to start slow. 

CBD gummies 750mg may seem like a good place to start. However, 750mg CBD gummies are actually a lot. Instead, start at a way lower dose and slowly work your way up to a higher one. Keep in mind that CBD does not instantly go into effect, especially if you take it as an edible. Give the CBD time to take effect before upping the dose. 

Once you’ve found the perfect dose for you, remember it for the future. 

CBD for Mood Swings

Mood swings are common, but if they are impacting your life, it is time to take control. Determining the underlying cause of your mood swings is important to help treat them. Combined with whatever treatment your physician recommends, CBD could help stabilize mood with limited to no side effects. 

As science continues to study CBD’s effects on the brain and the body, it will be exciting to learn what this compound can do. 

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