Open Your Third-Eye with Chakra Stones and CBD from Sugar & Kush CBD Roll-on Topicals

Open Your Third-Eye with Chakra Stones

Gemstones, crystals, and other healing stones can be used to activate, open, and balance our body’s chakra systems. The Third-Eye Chakra is considered to be the sixth of the seven chakra foundations in the body, and is also commonly known as our “sixth sense.” Often associated with the color of indigo, it also serves as the home of our intuition.

What Do the Third-Eye Chakra Stones Mean?

Apart from a healthy diet, performing yoga and meditation, making use of healing crystals for our Third Eye chakra can help us to restore balance.

Many healing stones carry various properties that can help us meditate, reach a state of tranquility, or relieve anxiety without the need for CBD. However, keep in mind that every healing stone has different energies, vibrations, and frequencies, so it’s best to use a stone that will work best for the frequency of our Third Eye. Here are just a few crystals that are commonly used to open and heal our Third Eye Chakra.

  • Amethyst: This precious stone represents our spirituality and promotes meditation and peace. It can help by improving our spiritual, emotional, and mental balance. Amethyst also serves to enhance our sleep quality and memory formation. To keep it close to the Third Eye Chakra, be sure to wear it on a necklace.
  • Lolite: This is a stone that opens our Third Eye Chakra, allowing us to explore our creative side while improving our spiritual and physical activities. It exudes gentle energy that improves our consciousness and brings balance to every chakra. To improve your Third Eye Chakra, keep a piece of lolite near your energy field.
  • Azurite: This stone is best known for its ability to develop psychic abilities. To open a blocked Third Eye Chakra, meditation with this stone will provide a way to open trapped energies. Azurite also serves to improve productivity, spiritual awareness, and balance our minds.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is a stone that represents friendship, awareness, and truth. It can enhance psychic order and clear communication while providing awareness of the world around you. This is a great stone to keep close to your head by wearing it on a necklace.

When Should You Use Healing Stones for Your Third Eye Chakra?

When you feel that the flow of energy to your sixth chakra is blocked, you might experience various signs, all of which affect your head. Here are common indicators that your Third Eye chakra could be imbalanced:

  • Headaches
  • Spinal cord issues
  • Depression
  • Hair and scalp issues
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Stress
  • Ear and eye issues
  • Frustration
  • Feeling helpless
  • Unbalanced hormones

Apart from a healthy diet, performing yoga and meditation, making use of healing crystals for our Third Eye chakra can help us to restore balance. Whether we use our crystals as jewelry or lay them on our Third Eye as we meditate or rest, chakra stones can help us to achieve balance.

How Can We Use Chakra Crystals to Heal Our Third Eye?

Keep in mind that chakra stones need to be cleansed and charged before it’s used. There are various ways for you to do this, such as:

  • Smudging
  • Bathing them in moonlight
  • Placing them in a jar with appropriate herbs (this method will require you to do research first)

When using chakra stones and crystals to heal and balance our Third Eye, it may take some time before the imbalances within are subdued and realigned.

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