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Finally some good sleep !

I’m a new mom , I started having issues falling asleep after being woken up at night . I would lay in bed for sometimes an hour before I fell asleep again only to be woken up an hour later . I couldn’t relax , or quiet my mind either . The first night I took the unflavored CBD I fell asleep super quick and had a more restful sleep. Even tho I was still waking up multiple times a night I was able to get back to sleep quickly and have a more deep sleep . It was a game changer for me . I don’t go to bed without it .

So happy to have received my order. I get such a restful nights sleep,love the gummies too,

Unflavored drops

The unflavored oil is nice for when I’m not in the mood for flavor. Especially in the mornings after I brush my teeth and realize I haven’t had my drops!

Loved it! It has changed my life

Yummy and Useful

I have been using this before bed to help me calm down. I have been sleeping better than ever and it tastes great!

Cotton Candy on my brain.

Cotton candy makes me happy. Euphoric and tasty 😋

“Subtle Relief”

A little dropper under my tongue and without even thinking about it after a little while l am aware that I am feeling better.


The CBD oil and gummy bears are great for pain management and anxiety! They don’t make you feel tired and don’t have any bad side effects. Love it!

Gummy Bears (500mg)

Mmmm-so good!

It’s one of my favorite flavors!

Love it

I’ve been using this product at night for sleeping it’s awesome

Very satisfied, highly recommend!

This was my first time trying Sugar & Kush and I am a HUGE fan! I added a few drops of the orange creamsicle oil to my water and within minutes I was feeling very relaxed and stress free. I have a difficult time unwinding and getting a good nights sleep but since I’ve started using just a few drops prior to bedtime, I’ve been sleeping like a baby! I highly recommend this product to family, friends and strangers alike!

Great Gummies!

The flavor of these are SO Good!! Highly recommend!! Be sure to get some.


I love that there are options for CBD oil because I struggle with some food colorings giving me reactions due to my diseases and I love the taste of the gummy bears!

Best for Stress

I’ve been using CBD for the last couple of months and it has made a huge impact on my ability to combat anxiety and depression. Taking CBD daily keeps my mood upbeat. I’m relaxed, focused and resilient to stress.

Love My Vanilla!

I’m so happy I tried the flavored vanilla oil drops can’t wait to try the other flavors!!!

Great Products!

I started using Sugar & Kush gummy’s and droppers over the last month. The taste and quality is superior!

cotton candy cbd

great stuff .......

Awesome ♡

It was the best and my first time using CBS oil! Definitely going to buy from yall again!

Love the flavor and just a overall great product.

Vanilla Oil Drop

Best gummys ever

I had a lot of CBD gummy’s the sugar and Kush gummy’s and droppers are by far the best!

Finally, delicious CBD drops

I feel the effects of the CBD without the overwhelming Coconut Oil taste that other drops tend to have. It's also less oily. Delicious!

I love this stuff!!!!

Sugar and Kush tastes delicious and help me go to sleep. I recommend trying it-and the packaging is super cute :) I take the drops every night. I’m loving it!!