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Already helping

I’m loving this oil! It’s already helping my anxiety at work only two weeks later. I’m absolutely loving it and can’t wait to try out more products

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Love them

I got the chocolate chip cookies and I eat one before bed I normaly have really bad insomnia and they help me fall asleep quick

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CBD cookies, Cbd Gummy bears

I love the Snickerdoodle Cbd cookies!!! One cookie has me relaxed and I can fall asleep. Chocolate chip are ok, not as good as the snickerdoodle though. My older kids use the Cbd Gummy bears for anxiety, it has made a huge difference in them!! So thankful for these products❤️

Works great, taste great and worth it !

I’ve been taking my cotton candy CBD oil drop once in the morning and sometimes before bed for about a month now and it’s helped immensely with sleep and anxiety issues I’ve dealt with most my adult life. I’ve had the greatest experience with customer service also! I will definitely be a returning customer. 🖤

Pretty decent

Great flavor & Great price!

Love the variety of flavors this company has to offer.

Will buy again

Works great! Love the taste!


I’ve been taking a couple drops under my tongue every morning for a few weeks and omg my anxiety is so much better! I just drop it under my tongue, wait a few minutes, and swallow. A few moments later I feel so relaxed and less tense. The flavor is good too! Nothing weird, no strange aftertaste which was my biggest worry. I have a few people I’ve had try this as well and they love it so much they bought it! SO glad to finally have found something to help me!

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Exactly what I was hoping for!

I have tried CBD oil before but have been searching for a quality product that has good flavor. I got the 1000mg option to try something a little stronger to aide with restful sleep. This did the trick! I tried it for the first time last night and slept soundly. The flavor is good too. Taste just like cotton candy but not sweet which is perfect.

They also have good sales often and fast shipping.

Good product. It’s especially great for baking

Cotton Candy CBD Oil Drop

Tastes great

As expected there is an oily aftertaste but it is minimal. Disolves well when placed under the tongue.

Really good

Nothing helps my insomnia except these. They’re the best tasting out of all the gummies I’ve tried.

Very satisfied

Great flavor. Not overpowering. Very satisfied.


Really helps with anxiety and getting a good nights sleep. I would definitely recommend this to anyone just needing that extra something to help with certain things.

CBD Gummies

I love these!!!!! Helping a ton with anxiety & sleep!

Strawberry CBD Oil

I love these gummies !

Great product I love the way they relax you! I have promoted these gummies on IG because I love them so much! Thank you for a great product !

Love them

Great customer service!!!

I ordered two bottles of CBD oil and when I went to get my package it had frozen and both oils wouldnt “thaw”, I sent a message to the company and they provided me two new bottles free of charge very quickly and provided tracking numbers.

Will definitely order again!

CBD Gummies + 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture Bundle

Bubble Gum CBD Oil Drop


Great product can’t wait to try all the flavors and gummies


I ordered 1000mg unflavored cbd oil. It has helped so much with my anxiety and sleeplessness, they're not gone but so much more manageable. I'll def order again and recommend to my friends.

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