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Helping with Chronic/Extreme Anger and Anxiety

I've been taking this for a few months now after enduring years of abuse and continuous high levels of stress at a former job and overextending myself in college. I take half a dropper in the morning, at lunch and before bedtime and I feel CHILLED OUT all day. My anxiety levels have gone from crippling, hyperventilating in the floor, battling attacks all day every day to ALMOST NO ANXIETY. My fear and anxiety about falling asleep is GONE. My totally-out-of-control feelings of rage for no reason rarely happen anymore, and if they do, I just take a little of my oil and my anger retreats. My family and friends have noted a significant difference in my temperament and have said that I seem more like "ME" again. I look forward to the continued effects of the CBD oil on my stress response. I feel like this stuff is giving me a break from the current stresses in my life while I heal from past trauma and I am fully on my way to recovery in confidence that there WILL be a day that I am better.

Great CBD Oil

Nice taste, works well

Bath Bomb

I love love LOVE the bath bombs and I'm mad I only bought 2. I want to use them everyday.

Was good, not great

It was relaxing, & smelt good, & left my skin softened but it wasn't above anything I was expecting.

CBD Gummies

These are an awesome isolate form of cbd! I take these during the day to help with my pain. This brand is just as good as the expensive Green Roads brand that I used to buy at over half off the price! Ever since discovering Sugar and Kush on a Facebook adertisement I have become a loyal customer! There gummed are great tasting and work great! You just have to remember that when you take an isolate form of cbd that your body may require a little higher dose after awhile. I was taking one a day for almost a year and now I require 2 a day. I'm hoping that Sugar and Kush will offer a broad spectrum formula as well one day so I can buy all my cbd in one place.At night I take a hemp bombs broad spectrum form of gummies that have melatonin in them too which helps me sleep.If you haven't given Sugar and Kush a try you should! I've tried the oil drops too and they are good too but I've found that I like the way the edibles break down for me better. But if I have an anxiety attack I take the oil drops because they work a little faster to calm you.Sugar and Kush is the best CBD Isolate around in my opinion!

Great CBD oil

Best CBD oil out there. The promotions help keep me coming back for more. 👍

The Best!

I had not checked mail and all my gummies melted. When messaged the support team email, they sent me another bottle! Awesome care for the customers and their concern for our mental health!

CBD heaven

The bath bombs are so good controlling pain and the gummies relax me allowing for a better nights sleep.

CBD Gummies - Buy 1 Get 1 Free


best body butter I've tried. Definitely would purchase over and over again.

Good product.

Christmas gifts.

Don’t know haven’t used any of them.. I plain on using them as Stocking Stuffers for Christmas.

Heaven in a jar!

My skin has improved drastically since I've started using this whipped body butter. The scent is divine and I have to stop myself from licking my skin. Also Sugar & Kush's customer service is top notch! I will be a customer for life.


I love the subtle flavor of the cotton candy. I use the oil before bed to get an uninterrupted night's sleep or when I'm feeling stressed. Highly recommend.


We call them bears at my house. These have truly saved loads of angst and physical pain amongst us. They're so necessary if you suffer sleepless nights, joint pain and they pair VERY well with an oil for fast and lasting relief. I recommend starting small for first time users.

Love this product

Been using that s for months. The gummy help when I'm at work and have anxiety attack. Save the liquid for night time

It’s really great

Sugar scrub

I love to use this before I shave my legs! Wish they would come out with something similar for the face

Cotton Candy CBD Oil Drops
Stephanie Reeves
Right on time!

Really good flavor. I appreciate that it’s not sweet.

So good!

The pumpkin spice flavor is my favorite. I have the worst insomnia since loosing my daughter unexpectedly. This cbd oil truly helps me get some much needed sleep. I highly recommend it


Didn't like the after taste.

Our Best CBD Gummies (750mg)

Best customer service

I put the wrong address on my order and as soon as it was returned by UPS it was sent back out to me. Along with the fact that these Gummies work better than any other ones I’ve tried.

I love these products

Ive been suffering from anxiety alot in this past year and these Sugar and Kush gummies and oils have been so helpful. I like the cotton candy and bubble gum oils the most 😁

Good so far

The oil tincture came highly recommended and I figured why not give the gummies a try too. I am still in that period of time of starting CBD and seeing how my body does and what dose is best for me. But I am already sleeping better and have noticed that I am less anxious some days. So far it’s great! I am not sure the gummies work as well for me as the tincture but definitely still happy with these products.

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