Learn how to make Spice Chai CBD cookies with the Sugar and Kush Cotton Candy CBD oil.

CBD Recipes: Spice Chai CBD Cookies (With Video)

We discovered this amazing recipe for Spice Chai cbd cookies for sale on YouTube by @reesiibabe where she used Sugar and Kush flavored CBD oil! The cookies look absolutely amazing and so we thought we would share it here on our blog.


I look for an escape from the normal. You know, it's like you hear about the COVID-19, you hear about coronavirus everywhere and then you also hear about people talking about how to deal with it. Sometimes you don't want to deal with it. Sometimes you don't want to sit with your feelings and chill out or mellow out.

I don't know about you guys, but I like to eat. What I've been doing a lot recently is eating and cooking and just kind of like learning things in my free time. Sugar and Kush CBD oil with CBD is something that helps. So, I decided to make some cookies and add their flavored CBD oil into my cookies and they came out really good. I made some spice chai cookies. I’ll show you guys and you guys will see the whole process.

I am really excited and I love eating the cookies. I love the cookies with milk. I am also a huge midnight snacker, so they are my midnight snack of choice. Along with food like poutine, and I have issues, you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this little video of me showing that I can make some cookies. I don’t usually cook on my channel but I'm kind of like branching out. There's so much so to do in this free time you know.

Transcribed Recipe Instructions:

Here all the ingredients that you're gonna need. Including the Sugar in Kush CBD oil. This is Cotton Candy CBD oil. I’m so excited to use this CBD tincture in my cookies. Chai is just basically Hindi for cheer which is very relaxing. I love cookies that I can dip in milk.

So, I’m going to sift the flour in with all the rest of the ingredients. I'm just gonna pour all of this in this bowl. Then I'm gonna sift it through a little sifter that way everything really gets mixed up and incorporated. I'm just lightly going to put it in the sifter. I really like the way things are when they're sifted together. I just feel like it tastes a lot better.

Who am I even, sifting my products? This is amazing. Quarantine has literally got me so domesticated. I'm gonna actually mix this in a large mixing bowl. I’m going to use my mother’s KitchenAid.

I’m going to go ahead and add the sugar. I’m going to cream these together. The sugar and the softened butter. I’m going to cream it together slowly, that way it works better. I’m going to add a little bit more at a time. It's kind of hard to do it one-handed (She is holding her phone to shoot the video).

Beat in egg and vanilla and gradually blend in the dry ingredients. I don't know what it means, cream. Does that mean like beating? I’m putting the mixer on low and let it stir itself.

I don’t know if vanilla essence is the same as extract. I am from a Caribbean household, so I am assuming. I am putting a little less than a full teaspoon. Can you go wrong with vanilla? So I'm gonna pour the vanilla inside and then I am going to crack one large egg inside as well. I'm just gonna make sure this gets well incorporated and then I'm gonna take it off and then mix in the dry ingredients by hand.

I think that’s pretty good and now I am going to mix it together with the dry ingredients (the sugar, cinnamon and ground cloves mixture noted in the image above). Slowly, I am going to incorporate some of this flour in there. That’s a nice consistency. My mom I find over mixers a lot of things and I feel like looking at her cook, I also started like overmixing certain things. So I've been like trying to be better at it.

At this point I'm gonna go ahead and add in some of that CBD oil. Add in one tablespoon of the CBD tincture. If you add more, like you can add up to a whole bottle in here. If you would all like to make this recipe with the CBD oil, I do have a discount code that you guys are able to use on SugarandKush.com.


They also have CBD cookies you guys. You don't need to make them. They're so good. I had the snickerdoodle cbd cookies recipe. I really want to try the Chocolate Chip cooking with cbd oil. I’m like a chocolate chip kind of girl.

She takes a break at this point to put a dropperful of the Cotton Candy CBD oil under her tongue.

We're going to scoop out these into little balls and dip them in this sugar mixture. Just roll them into balls and then onto the pan for baking it goes. This makes 18 CBD chai cookies. I kind of made them vary in size. I have 26 right now.

So, the next step that I'm gonna do is just dip the bottom of my cup. Apparently you get a cup and dip the bottom in sugar like so. And you flatten the cookie with the sugar on top. I'm gonna continue doing that ,just like so. Then you put this in the fridge for about an hour. So I'm definitely gonna go ahead and do that, but I'm just gonna continue doing this. This is actually really cool. I've never seen this done before. Flattening your cookie with sugar beforehand. But, it’s a cool interesting shape as well.

So, I just took my cookies out of the fridge. They've been in there for about an hour and like 10 minutes. I'm excited about them so I don’t want to leave them in there for more than an hour. I’m now going to sprinkle a little bit of the rest of (the sugar, cinnamon and ground cloves mixture noted in the image above) on each cookie. Not all of it, just a little bit on each cookie and then put it into the oven on 375 for 10 minutes.

All right so they are in there and we're just gonna wait 10 minutes.

They look sooooo gooooood! Oh my gosh!

Enjoy! These cookies are so freaking good!

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