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Why Third-Party Testing Matters

When it comes to CBD and CBD products, quality is one of the most important aspects of it all. However, how can you tell a CBD tincture, for example, is a high-quality one just by looking at it?

Unfortunately, you can’t. This is exactly why we rely on third-party lab-test results to tell us exactly what we need to know about every part of our CBD products. So, what exactly do these complicated test results show us, and where can we even get our hands on these things?

While the testing of a CBD product is complicated, reading the results of the test should not be.

Is 3rd Party Lab Testing Complicated?

Well, third-party lab-test results aren’t nearly as complicated as they appear at first glance. Simply put, these lab tests are used to show both active and inactive ingredients within CBD products, as well as their attributes, terpenes, any residual solvents, and any potential pesticides.

This way, if you’re concerned about certain ingredients being in your CBD products, such as THC, you can check the brand's lab-test results to discover what they do and do not include. Along these lines, this is exactly how you can ensure quality.

Poorly Made CBD Products are a Different Story

CBD is for wellness, so there is no point in consuming it with really unhealthy ingredients.

Poorly-made CBD products aren’t going to contain the high-quality ingredients you’re looking for, and they also may contain harmful, toxic additives that you want far away from your CBD gummies and oils. The certificates of analysis issued by third-party labs will not tell you about the ingredients used outside of the hemp plant, or the methods used to extract the CBD.

Solvents like butane and ethanol have the potential to hang around if a brand isn’t rigorous enough in their purification and purging processes, and chemicals such as these can be dangerous if consumed in consistent quantities.

It’s always best to avoid inhaling or consuming these solvents in any way. Third-party lab-test results can ensure you that you’re not dealing with pesticides, solvents, or residual heavy metals in any capacity.

Lab Testing Shows You that the CBD Brand Cares

Seeing a certificate of analysis from a third party lab tells you that the CBD brand actually cares about you.

Along with showing all hemp ingredients and helping to ensure purity, third-party lab-testing matters because it shows that your CBD brand cares. When your chosen CBD company doesn’t take the time to guarantee quality, purity, and safety for their products, it shows that they don’t value their customers the way that they should.

As a cannabinoid that the medical field knows very little about, relatively speaking, providing ultimate reliability is key. If your favorite brand simply doesn’t offer these results, that’s your biggest indication that they’re not the right brand for your health and wellness journey.

To see if your favorite CBD company offers third-party test-results, you should be able to find them on their website. Often, the test results can be found right near the product’s description or down by its ingredients if the site is extra accessible.

If you can’t find the results there, companies may put them in their FAQs, CBD education, or About Us pages. But, if you take the time and scour every page and still can’t find anything, chances are, they don’t have them available. You can always reach out to the brand company and see if they will provide them for you, though.


All things considered, third-party testing is a necessity in proving credibility, reliability, purity, and quality. Always take the time and make sure your ideal CBD health and wellness brand provides all the information you need to feel confident in your products. They should divulge those third-party test-results openly to their clients (regardless of how confusing they may look.)

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