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People from all walks of life and at different stages of life are finding CBD helpful.

The word is out on CBD, plenty of people know its popular, plenty of people have heard of a friend of a friend using it in some way shape or form. CBD is all over social media and Google’s algorithm knows exactly what you mean when you type in any related keywords. We know CBD oil is being promoted all over the place and there are droves of people who rave about it, so who is actually buying it? Wanna know who’s buying CBD? In short, everyone. People young and old are looking to CBD due to its reported diversity of effectiveness.

For some people it helps them deal with anxiety, for others it helps them fall asleep and stay asleep at night. For some women CBD helps them navigate PMS with fewer angry thoughts and chocolate cravings. For anyone that is active and feels the aches and pains of trying to stay fit, 500mg CBD tinctures have become a staple to help recover from workouts. Others dealing with chronic pain are using CBD tinctures and CBD unflavored oils to help reduce the inflammation. There’s even large scale medical studies and an FDA approved CBD medicine that reduces seizures. One woman, Salina Nelson, that works at an herbal remedy shop in Athens, Georgia, noticed all of the baby boomers drawn to cannabidiol.

“These customers include one group most wouldn’t expect: baby boomers. Nelson says much of the market for CBD is made up of older people who suffer from chronic pain, whether due to arthritis or injuries. Normally, she says, after they try CBD, they call back or come in one or two days after and tell her how much it worked for them.”

Busy professionals can get back aches, feel stress and need help to focus while working.It has become difficult to isolate certain consuming groups of cannabidiol. Our grandparents may benefit the most from its pain relieving qualities, but younger busy professionals are using it as a stress relieving alternative. People of all ages, including children under parental supervision, are taking it to help relieve symptoms of certain medical conditions.


Given all the division and strife in the world, the great thing about CBD is that it can be something that connects you to someone you would normally have little in common with. Whether you’re a busy executive, an on the go college student, a retiree, or even a school teacher, a product like CBD gummies can work for you. As long as you are buying a quality product that can provide a third party lab report showing the purity of the product, you should have no issues with drug tests and screens. Because everyone is different, no one can predict if or what side effects you may experience. However, side effects are typically mild and very manageable.

Don’t let your perception of who is or isn’t taking CBD get in the way of you making a decision that could possibly lead to a better quality life for you.