A judge ruled in North Carolina that a woman who failed a CBD oil drug test was terminated from her employment unlawfully even though there was THC in her system.

CBD Warning and Drug Tests

A North Carolina judge has found in favor of a woman's unlawful work termination over failing a drug test for THC. She had been taking a CBD product derived from hemp containing less than .3% THC which is has been legal since 2015 in North Carolina.
November 28, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
People are searching for information about CBD online and Googling popular CBD products more than anyone could have anticipated.

How Popular CBD Products are Online

People are using Google, Bing and other search engines to discover more about CBD. It's an even more popular search term than Taylor Swift or Kanye West. So, why are people so fascinated with CBD and its potential benefits? Well we weigh in with some of our opinions.
November 22, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
Hopefully Canada will be able to provide the CBD research necessary to satisfy the government's need for rigorous scientific research.

Canada Still Leading the Way

Canada recently passed down legislation allowing companies to start selling cannabis edibles. Canada was the first industrialized nation to legalize cannabis for adult-use and so many of the people working in the cannabis and CBD product space are hoping it will be Canada that can deliver the acceptable research on the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.
October 24, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
Anyone interested in trying CBD can choose from CBD edibles, CBD vape products, CBD oils and topicals too.

CBD Edibles vs Vaping: What You Need To Know

There are many choices when it comes to finding the right CBD products. While CBD edibles seem to be the most universally acceptable method of taking the non-psychoactive compound, some people prefer vaping CBD. Recent news about people getting sick from vaping is hitting the market hard though and many people in general are not interested in using their lungs as a delivery system.
October 16, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
Beware of CBD products with bad reviews and checkout this report from the Center for Food Safety and what if found out about many CBD products.

Companies Getting Failing Grades for CBD Products

The Center for Food Safety recently released a report where it failed more than half the CBD brands it checked for bad extraction and manufacturing methods, failed lab tests and failing to properly label the products. There are still many problems with the CBD industry, but do not let a few bad players ruing the potential benefits of CBD.
October 14, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
CBD gummies for pain and stress can help you get through a tough work week.

3 Tips For A More Productive and Smoother Work Day

It's tough getting through repetitive work weeks and staying productive all the time. We stare at clocks, take extra breaks, dread getting ready in the mornings and Mondays are just the worst. A lot of it has to do with perspective though and perhaps there are some things we can do to make the week more manageable and stay productive. We can create schedules, turn work into a game and take CBD tinctures.
September 20, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
Rob Gronkowski is advocating CBD for stress and pain.

Gronk Advocates for CBD in the NFL

Rob Gronkowski, the former NFL tight-end and Superbowl champion, is now advocating for the NFL to allow players to use CBD. He claims that now he has regained his health, CBD is playing a large role in helping him feel better. The NFL remains against its players using CBD oils or eating CBD edibles. Other sports leagues and their drug policies are lightening up though, including WADA which regulates controlled substance use for athletes in the Olympics along with many of sports leagues.
September 18, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
You should eat lots of CBD cookies on National CBD Day, August 8th.

Is There Really a National CBD Day?

Every August 8th is National CBD Day now after someone contacted the National Day Calendar committee. Its a day to indulge in all things CBD, like some CBD cookies, or CBD oil. It is also a day to learn about the benefits of CBD. If everyone that likes cannabis gets to have 4/20 every year, then why should CBD enthusiasts have their very own day too.
September 09, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
You can find CBD for sale at the 2019 NYS Fair this year. They won't be offering CBD cookies or CBD brownies, but you you will find CBD topicals.

CBD for Sale at the New York Sate Fair

The ever popular and growing New York State Fair is featuring CBD this year. New York State is still trying to determine all of its regulations surrounding the sale of CBD and so the state is excluding all CBD edibles including CBD baked goods, CBD gummies and CBD beverages. It does not change the fact that if the New York State Fair is allowing CBD products, then it is one more sign that CBD is being accepted.
August 31, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
Active Army service members are prohibited from taking CBD products like CBD gummies and oils.

Army Service Member Must Stay Away From CBD Products

Active members of the Army have been told under no circumstances should they be consuming CBD tincutres, CBD edibles, CBD vapes or any CBD product. Too many CBD products contain trace amounts of THC that could produce a positive drug test for which the Army has no tolerance. Other branches of our military have different stances on their active members consuming CBD products, but like the Army, the Air Force is enforcing strict rules about failing drug testing.
August 29, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen