Kim Kardashian West's CBD oil baby shower is one of the most trending topics on social media.

When it comes to figuring out how mainstream and popular something is, a quick glance at who is promoting a certain product or brand usually tells you all you need to know. The bigger the star, the easier it is to gauge the popularity of the product. When it comes to stars, they don’t get much bigger than Kim Kardashian West. Whether you love her or hate her, you know who she is. Many consider Kardashian West to be a trendsetter, and that is hard to argue considering her 137 million followers on Instagram and over 60 million followers on twitter. She literally has the equivalent of more than a third of the United States population following her on social media.

So we’ve established that Kim Kardashian West is popular (that may be a bit of an understatement), so what does that have to do with CBD oil? The mother of 3, soon to be mother of 4, decided to throw a different kind of baby shower for her fourth child. And, wait for it, the theme of that baby shower was CBD! Yes, Kim Kardashian threw a CBD baby shower. So what is a CBD baby shower? The shower included CBD oil massages and other topical use CBD products. Kardashian West’s goal was to bring a sense of relaxation and peace to her guests prior to the arrival of her fourth child.

“'It’s just been how I survive in life. So, since I’m freaking out because the baby is coming in like, two weeks, I thought what better way to celebrate than have a little CBD and we’re gonna do a sound bath,' the 38-year-old told her guests in a video posted to pal Larsa Pippen‘s Instagram Stories. Her guests sat around her on yoga mats in a large circle as she spoke, little North West clinging to her leg. In some guest vids, we get a glimpse of the products being used for topical treatments like massages, and even some knowledge from reps of the CBD brand. Host Maria Menounos is seen in one video getting educated and commenting on her calm ~state of mind~ post-treatment.”

If you try a CBD tincture from Sugar&Kush you will find it is an easy way to add CBD oil to your daily routine.So we know what the CBD baby shower is, but the question for some may be, why? We’ve previously discussed CBD dinner parties and the concept is the same, relaxation. Having a baby, whether it’s your first or fourth is a stressful time. Every time you add a member to your family, you are changing the structure of the household. For many that change is intimidating no matter how many times they experience it. For many, products such as 500mg CBD tinctures have a calming effect on their mental state. Whether it is stress or all out anxiety about what’s coming, CBD gummies or maybe a CBD cookie can help ease your mind.

If you’re thinking about a CBD party or shower to help you and your friends relax and chill, consider some of the products available from Sugar and Kush. We have pure unflavored CBD oil drops, 500mg CBD gummies, and flavored CBD oil drops like cotton candy, vanilla, orange creamsicle and more.


May 08, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen