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Is CBD Gaining Traction in the Sexual Wellness Industry?

Nowadays, it seems as though CBD is getting infused into practically anything. Whether that be food, massage oil, or even toothpicks, this cannabinoid is everywhere. Recently, we’ve started seeing that CBD is also gaining training within the sexual wellness industry, but… how? The rising popularity here is exciting, but it also raises a few questions pertaining to CBD’s role here and the relationship between cannabidiol and sex.

CBD and Sex

Out of all the industries to merge, it’s interesting trying to understand why these two have formed the relationship that they have. Despite the fact that CBD is an all-natural compound, the sexual wellness industry has embraced the cannabinoid as a way to help both men and women experience the satisfaction they deserve. CBD intimacy oil is a very real thing these days.

Women especially have struggled to be allowed to embrace our sexuality, but CBD appears to be giving us the freedom we’ve always dreamed of. With many CBD products that are made specifically with the female reproductive system in mind, the sexual wellness industry is tapping into a market that has been ignored for decades. 

CBD-Infused Products

An unflavored CBD oil with CBD lab testing is great for CBD recipes or perhaps people could try it for an enhanced sexual experience.

People are beginning to experiment with adding CBD oil into their sex lives through the use of various interesting products. CBD lube, for example, appears to be increasing in popularity with people everywhere experimenting with this unique type of lubricant. Because CBD is an all-natural plant compound, it makes sense people are willing to try it. (Yes, even down there.) So, to spice up a night in the bedroom, people are turning to lube that has been infused with this soothing compound to see what happens. 

Less direct than CBD lubricant itself, CBD-infused massage oil is rapidly gaining traction within the sexual wellness industry, too. As something that can be used to top off your perfect night or even to be enjoyed just on your own, massage oil with some added cannabidiol is piquing the interests of CBD consumers everywhere. After all, topicals of so many different kinds already thrive within the CBD industry, so why wouldn’t massage oil, too? 

The market is also riddled with other products like CBD chocolate body paint or aphrodisiac-based treats containing small amounts of CBD. Each one of these products is designed to enhance your intimate experiences through all-natural, totally non-intoxicating ingredients in only the most pleasurable ways. 

Trying it Yourself

YOu can try CBD oil for yourself to see if enhance your sexual experiences.

Adding some CBD into your sex life, or even just indulging in a sexual wellness product that’s been infused with cannabidiol, may sound a bit odd at first, but, we promise, there’s a reason this idea is gaining so much popularity. The more traction that CBD gains within the sexual wellness industry, the more we will get to better understand the relationship between CBD and sex. 

So, next time you find yourself feeling a little bit bored within your intimate life, maybe try checking out CBD’s role in the sexual wellness industry. Don’t be afraid to experience something new.