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How to Store Your CBD Edibles for Optimal Freshness

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If you’ve finished baking your delicious stash of CBD edibles or if you need a place to put your brand-new infused CBD gummies, finding an ideal storing spot for your edibles is crucial in keeping them fresh and appealing. Just as any other food or candy needs to be stored properly, your CBD based edibles do too.

Each type of edible needs to be treated differently to ensure that its composition, flavor, and ingredients stay as appetizing as they’re meant to. From baked treats to your favorite infused chocolate bar and everything in between, we’ll teach you how to store your edibles for ultimate freshness.

CBD Baked Goods

If you love to cooking, then making CBD edibles is an easy transition.

Whether you’re a fan of brownies or infused potato chips, baking with CBD has become a favorite pastime in the wellness community as they can make the perfect snack for a relaxing day at home.

To keep your baked goods as fresh as possible, you want to make sure they’re being stored in a completely air-tight container, especially once they’ve been opened. Too much excess air can completely alter the structure of your edible, so keeping them packed up tight is crucial.

For chips, you can easily store them directly in your pantry. However, we suggest ensuring that they’re clearly labeled and kept in the back, away from too much light exposure.

For your brownies or cookies, you can keep these baked goods stored in your fridge for up to a month before they start to lose their freshness.

CBD Gummies

In the case of your favorite infused CBD gummies, hard candies, or anything in between, keeping them away from moisture is key. Hard candies very easily absorb moisture and melt together, ruining the composition of your infused candies entirely.

Placing candies such as these in cool, dark places within your pantry is the best way to keep them fresh for months at a time. You can try storing them in your fridge, but you’re risking them hardening quite a bit.

Gummies are similar in that they shouldn’t be exposed to too much moisture, but they can also be easily affected by air. Airtight containers are key for jelly-based candies.

CBD Chocolate

A delicious CBD infused chocolate can be a wonderful treat to have as long as you store it away properly.

Just like your typical chocolate bar, chocolate bar CBD edibles can melt. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a melted chocolate bar. So, we always suggest keeping your chocolate edibles stored within your fridge or even your freezer; in these places, the edibles will stay fresh for months at a time.

You probably don't want to store chocolate chip CBD cookies in your freezer though, that would make them rock hard. But, certainly consider storing them in the fridge.

To ensure that the chocolate doesn’t pick up flavors or aromas from the food around it, make sure it’s stored in an airtight container and is wrapped up well.

With all edibles, but with chocolate especially, labeling is vital. Because edibles look so similar to other non-infused foods, you want to make it obvious that they’re different. After all, you don’t want a mix-up.

Everything Else CBD!

Whether you’re buying a pack of drinks, infused popcorn, or even beef jerky CBD edibles, keeping your special treats in cool, dark places is always the best idea. Any change in the environment can cause drastic changes to your edibles, wasting your money and ruining your experience.

Designate a spot in your fridge or the back of your pantry that’s perfect for your edibles and your edibles only, and keep your infused treats extra fresh and extra delicious.

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