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Does CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test? (It Depends)

Don’t fail a drug test because of the CBD product you are taking. Make sure your CBD is pure.

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High quality CBD gummies and unflavored CBD oils have been gaining in popularity for their effectiveness at treating symptoms of depression and anxiety, PMS, and even skin conditions. But like many people, you may have concerns about whether or not taking a CBD product will make you fail a drug test. 

Does CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

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This is a legitimate concern for those who might have jobs or other situations that require a drug screen, but who also want to use a natural method of treating various ailments, or even just for general wellbeing. In order to experience CBD edibles without fear of failing a drug test, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Thanks to the most recent updates to the Agriculture Improvement Act, or the Farm Bill of 2018, the US now classifies CBD as a legal substance, but only if derived from the hemp plant, and not the cannabis sativa plant. This is where the major distinction lies. 

Industrial hemp legally contains less than .3% THC by dry weight, which is the compound in cannabis that gets you high and will cause you to fail a drug test. And while that minuscule amount is not enough to cause psychoactive effects, it could cause you to lose your job if the company you work for screens for THC. 

How Can You Be Sure?

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To avoid that potential, make sure the CBD product you choose is from a pure CBD isolate, and not labeled ‘Full Spectrum’. Full spectrum CBD products contain other cannabinoids that may include THC, and therefore offer no guarantee that you will pass a drug test that searches for it. 

However, due to the still unregulated nature of CBD by the FDA, consumers must rely on manufacturers of CBD products to self-regulate and be honest and transparent in their production methods and lab testing. So how do you find CBD gummies you can trust?

What to Look For in CBD Products

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Take some time to research the companies that you are considering buying CBD from. Read over the company website and look for online customer reviews. What is being said about their products? Do their reviews make you feel more comfortable?

While on their website, look for information on how they process the CBD they use. Look for information like where the hemp is grown or obtained, the extraction process and the steps they take to minimize contamination, and most importantly, their lab testing results. Do they use a third-party lab to guarantee unbiased, independent review of their products for purity and authenticity? And remember to stay away from products labeled full-spectrum, since they can contain even trace amounts of THC that could cause you to fail a drug test. 

While there is always a margin of error, the best way to make sure your CBD is safe and effective is to do your research and arm yourself with information. Know what you are buying and who you are buying it from. Discovering where to buy CBD gummies that will not feel so daunting if you keep those few simple things in mind. 

So How Do You Know What CBD Dosage to Use?

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Since there is no CBD isolate drug test that looks for CBD specifically, using a CBD dosage that has been lab tested and clearly labeled as hemp derived and from 100% pure CBD isolate is safe for those who need to pass a drug test. But the question remains, how do you find your CBD dosage if the market is still unregulated and we must rely on manufacturers to be honest in their claims?

To calculate CBD dosage accurately you have to trust that the company you are buying from is being honest with their labeling. And just like when finding a pure CBD isolate, research is your best defense against baseless claims. Ask yourself the same questions. Does the company provide third-party lab-testing results? Do they clearly label their product with the amount of CBD milligrams contained within?

Sublingual CBD tinctures are the recommended way to take CBD because you can more easily control the amount you take, plus it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive process which can take longer and be less effective. CBD gummies are by far the most fun and tasty way to take CBD,  but either way gives the CBD time to work. Many people skip this step and do not practice the patience it takes to get to that CBD sweet spot. 

With any product though, start low and go slow. Without more research it is uncertain exactly which dose is right for everyone, so you have to take some time to figure that out on your own. It is recommended that you begin with the lowest milligram dose every hour until you feel the effects you are seeking. Make sure to wait one hour between microdoses to ensure it has been fully absorbed. Once you find that sweet spot, that is your daily recommended dose of CBD. 

A topical CBD dosage and CBD dosing consumed sublingually, orally, or through inhalation will vary from product to product and effects will be different for each individual. This is why making sure your product is clearly labeled and consistently guarantees quality is so important. If you believe you need to pass a CBD isolate drug test it is best to be safe and not sorry, so do your research first. 

Who Should You Trust?

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Sugar and Kush uses the highest quality hemp, the most up-to-date standards of extraction, and independent lab testing with ISO 17025 certification to ensure all of our products are exactly what we say they are. If you are looking for quality CBD products you can trust, your search is over.

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