CBD is now all over social media with people touting benefits of CBD oil.

The idea of health and wellness has evolved into not only a lifestyle, but a culture. Health and wellness encompasses anti-aging and beauty regimens, building physical strength and endurance, relaxation, meditation, rest, and mental health. Unfortunately balancing all of these things with everything else that comes with modern life is not easy. We have to find ways to manage our time, balance our bodies, and keep our minds clear to be at peace with ourselves and those around us.

While a perfect work, family and life balance sounds great, we all know it can be difficult to achieve. So, what’s the life hack that helps us get there? I mean seriously, there’s a hack for everything from getting spaghetti sauce stains out of tupperware containers to negotiating higher bonuses at your job. So how I do hack my way to peace of mind and a healthier body? People all over are touting pure 1000mg CBD oil and CBD products as the quintessential life hack we’ve all been looking for.

"Each morning, Samantha Montanaro of Portland, Ore., drops a CBD tincture under her tongue. 'I’m kind of testing out my own body with this,' she says. 'I’m finding that it really helps with anxiety and stress.'

 "Montanaro isn’t alone; CBD testimonials are increasingly easy to find. In 2016, Montanaro, now 35, cofounded Tokeativity, a global cannabis community for women. Back then, 'CBD wasn’t even a thing,' she says. But the first sparks of the CBD movement caught fire fast. 'It’s been pretty crazy to watch how things have evolved,' she says. Some bullish analysts predict that the CBD market in the United States will balloon from hundreds of millions of dollars in 2018 to almost $20 billion by 2022.

It seems everyone is talking about all the benefits of CBD oil on social media

What many are discovering about CBD is that it is not a one trick pony. Women are reporting benefits ranging from better sleep, better mood, better management of PMS, and the ability to reduce chronic pain. Anyone that has used CBD oil and is being honest will tell you that 500mg CBD gummies are not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow curing all ills. CBD is a valuable tool in your health and wellness toolbox. It may take you some time to figure out what dose works for you. If you’re taking 25mg CBD gummies, maybe one resolves your onset of anxiety. If you’re taking CBD oil for pain maybe two drops under the tongue helps relieve the aches.

It is true that the science to back up people’s personal experiences has not caught up, but people’s CBD experiences are indeed their experiences. Many people feel so strongly about their positive results using CBD edibles and CBD oil that they have become advocates for research and study to help speed up the process of getting the science caught up to what many already feel is the truth. Could there be a placebo effect for those that have achieved results using various CBD products? Absolutely, but for many people, including myself, the results are very real. CBD oil or CBD gummies used in conjunction with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and proper rest can be the missing piece to your health wellness lifestyle.

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April 10, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen