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CBD Edibles Dosage: How to Properly Dose Them

Edibles have been around for centuries, with people thousands of years ago enjoying cannabis alongside their meals and adding it to their beverages. Since then, this practice has only gotten more advanced,  and infused with CBD should we also mention.

You can find CBD edibles in all forms.

Today, stocked on tons of dispensary shelves are CBD edibles of all types. From cookies to mints to lemonades and everything in between, CBD has been added to almost any type of food or drink to create a long-lasting effect.

Interestingly, with edibles’ strong potencies and hours-long effects, some consumers may find themselves eating more than they should when first consuming something as tasty as these.                                      

Note It: Effects Take Time 

CBD edibles take more time to take effect than other methods of dosing CBD.

Unlike consuming the popularly known chemical compound, THC, CBD will not cause a high. Following consumption, CBD edibles will not be absorbed into your bloodstream but instead get broken down in your saliva, which then travels to your liver. 

In your liver, CBD is then further metabolized and broken down into a water-soluble, more potent version of itself. It’s this signature full-body effect that consumers desire. Not only that, but CBD stays in your body longer, creating a significantly longer lasting effect than other delivery methods such as smoking hemp flower. 

Low and Slow For the Win

Because CBD baked goods have a slow onset, it’s crucial to learn how to dose them properly. If you’re fairly new to the CD world, starting off by trying a single 25mg CBD gummy bear is a safe bet. Though it doesn’t sound like much, you must keep in mind how much stronger your body will react when consumed this way. 

If you have an edible that may contain more milligrams than you’re comfortable with, simply break it up! Try a quarter of what you’re given and then wait about an hour to see how you feel. If you wait and you’re not experiencing the effects you desire, try a little bit more, but don’t overdo it. 

For those CBS connoisseurs with much higher tolerances, higher milligram edibles are perfect, as they provide an effect that you may not have experienced in years. So, can you microdose with edibles like CBD cookies? 

A CBD cookies can be a delicious way to dose your CBD, but know the facts first.

Though there is still much research to be done, in response to this recent rise in popularity, a new trend in CBD use known as “microdosing” has begun to attract attention as it may offer an exciting alternative to traditional CBD use that maximizes benefits while minimizing negative side effects.


Regardless of how long you’ve been consuming CBD, starting off with a small dose of CBD edibles is always smart. Every edible is made differently, and it’s important to become familiar with how your body reacts to higher or lower doses. 

Also, always keep in mind that edibles do not take effect immediately, as they tend to have a slower onset compared to other consumption methods. Depending on the person, you can begin to feel the effects of edibles anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours after consuming.