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You may find that sugar kush cbd can help with stressful situations

When we talk about health and wellness there is a lot of focus on the physical aspects that go along with it. We think of our bodies looking and feeling better. We think yoga, hot stone massages, and group workout sessions. How often do we think of our mental health? Sure we all use the cliche phrases about being crazy at work or when dealing with the kids, but do we really think about what’s going on in our heads?

Personally I live with anxiety on a nearly daily basis. The reality is that many of you reading this are suffering from it as well. Anxiety disorders affect one in five people, with women being twice as likely to be impacted than men, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. So if anxiety impacts so many people why aren’t we talking about it more and how to deal with it? I can’t say for sure why it isn’t more widely discussed, but if I had to guess I would assume stigma and lack of understanding. As for how to deal with it, one possibility is pure CBD oil.

“I'm not usually a nervous flier, but on a recent trip I had received a couple of important emails right before boarding the plane, which sent my mind spiraling. Plus I had a middle seat, which is anxiety-inducing for someone who drinks as much water as I do. So I took a couple of tinctures' worth of my CBD oil and after a little while, I felt more relaxed and was able to chill out with a good book for the rest of the flight. The other side of that anxiety coin, depression is something I've dealt with throughout my life and can creep up if I'm not vigilant with my mental health. I felt like the heaviness of depression simply didn't linger when I was taking CBD.”

For me, anxiety can be paralyzing. It lurks in the shadows and I can usually ignore it, but when I can’t, it jumps out and tries to strangle me. When it shows up, I want to exit stage right, but between family obligations and managing my different businesses, I can’t just disappear. I tried prescriptions but hated how absent they made me feel. I tried a therapist but many of the coping mechanisms provided didn’t seem to help. A friend had suggested a 1000mg CBD tincture as an alternative treatment so I decided to research CBD and its other uses.

In the morning, during my lunch break or at night after work, I find that Sugar Kush CBD edibles helps me maintain my focus.

I’ve said before that CBD helps me sleep better and CBD for PMS works wonders for me. Another added benefit of CBD use is anxiety relief. I decided to try CBD gummies for anxiety because they were easy to carry around and frankly I love candy in gummy form. During an exceptionally stressful day, when certain feelings started to creep into my head and take over my body, I popped in two 25mg CBD gummy bears. You should know that while the CBD gummies are helpful, they do not provide instant relief. Over the course of the next hour my tension began to wash away and calm state began to set it.

If you suffer from anxiety and are looking for a way to manage it that better fits a health and wellness lifestyle, or if you just want to try something different than prescription drugs, give a CBD product a try.