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7 Tips for the Sexiest, Smoothest Legs

We all want smooth, sexy legs especially during those summer months. But what to do for all-season skin care that leaves your legs looking their best?

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If you are using CBD for skin care then you’re on the right track. CBD oil and skincare go hand in hand and various CBD products can help you achieve the sexy legs you want to show off. With a few simple tricks from our list below, you can have legs that will get you noticed. 

These steps may take a little longer than your typical dry shave or the disposable deal you use in the shower. But they work and you will not be wasting your time with any of them. So pick a couple from the list, put on those shorts or wear that sundress with confidence, and show off the legs you have been hiding under yoga pants all year. 

1. Soak in the Tub

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Hydrating is important for smooth, sexy legs. Before you shave though, soak in a tub infused with a CBD bath bombs. The CBD infusion will make you feel super relaxed, and soaking beforehand will help your skin absorb needed moisture and become more supple prior to shaving. This will reduce inflammation from razor burn, reduce the look of dehydration and flaky skin, and leave your legs feeling incredibly soft. 

2. Exfoliate Dry, Rough Skin

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You can use CBD oil drops in so many different ways. If you have an unflavored CBD tincture in your medicine cabinet, you can actually use it topically as well. Add a few drops to a sugar scrub to create your own scrub to use at home for smoother skin. 

3. Moisturize Daily

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Make sure to moisturize frequently, too. The perfect moisturizers out there are hemp based for the CBD beauty benefits and the best hemp cream will be made with all natural ingredients and not leave oily buildup on your skin. If you want your legs to look soft and smooth, you absolutely need to moisturize them daily and especially after each time you shave. 

4. Tinctures and Oils from Within

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A CBD regime taken daily by mouth provides your skin with the CBD it needs to create healthy looking skin from the inside out. Take 1000mg CBD tincture sublingually each day and notice how much softer your legs feel after just a short time using CBD by mouth. To make it even easier to take CBD tinctures, just add a few drops to your morning coffee or to a smoothie. 

5. Avoid and Treat Razor Burn

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By taking CBD baths, moisturizing daily, and exfoliating, you can avoid razor burn before you shave. But if you have sensitive skin like a lot of us ladies do, then using using CBD for skin inflammation will help heal the redness of razor burn after it occurs. Soak in a tub with a CBD bath bombs or apply it topically to the affected areas. CBD reduces inflammation and the redness associated with it. Plus it helps your skin heal with healthier, smoother, more radiant skin. 

6. Use a Quality Razor

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CBD skin benefits will only work their best if you are using a quality razor while you shave each time. Single bladed disposables are the worst for your legs and can irritate your skin or leave stubble. Who wants to waste time and money on that? Make sure to get multiple-bladed razors when you are choosing them at the store. Purchase razors with at least four blades for maximum shaving results. 

7. Walking to Better Legs

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CBD oil beauty products also work better when you are working out. Now, do not worry- you will not have to add another hour to your gym routine, just make sure to make movement a part of every day  and find time to take brisk walks. Walking helps tone your legs and show off muscle definition. With freshly shaved legs and a good hemp moisturizer, that muscle tone will glisten in the sun and be super sexy. 

How Much CBD Can I Take Daily?

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You may want to know, “How much CBD can i take daily?” And the good thing is you can take as much as you want. CBD is completely safe and there is no way to overdose on it. It works naturally with your body’s endocannabinoid system and contains no THC so it will not have any psychoactive effects either. 

Find out for yourself how great CBD is by reading some CBD gummies testimonials online. People love how CBD makes them feel and so will you.

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