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Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks With CBD

How to Use CBD Oil to Reduce Stretch Marks

With an estimated 90 percent of all people developing stretch marks at some point in their lives, it’s a common request for people to look for ways to remove them or at least make them less noticeable to others. 

As science starts to discover the benefits CBD offers, not just in helping people relax but also in improving skin, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to CBD-infused beauty products to help say goodbye to stretch marks.

by Holly M on February 22, 2021
Taking CBD for Period Cramps

How CBD Can Help Reduce Your Period Cramps

While some discomfort during your period is normal, having pain that affects your daily life is not. 

Many women have a period or PMS arsenal—go-to medications, remedies, and tricks to ease period pain. One thing to consider adding to your PMS arsenal is CBD.

by Holly M on February 15, 2021
Using CBD for Mood Swings

CBD for Mood: How CBD Can Help Manage Your Swings

Whatever the cause of your mood swings, many people are looking for more natural ways to stabilize their mood. One option that is becoming more popular is CBD. 
by Holly M on February 15, 2021
Using CBD Oil for Wrinkles

How to Reduce Wrinkles with CBD Oil

Although science has not yet discovered a way to prevent aging, many products out there can help reduce the signs of aging and even repair skin damage. One new and increasingly popular skincare option used to fight wrinkles: CBD oil
by Holly M on February 15, 2021
Using CBD Sugar Scrubs

How To Use CBD Sugar Scrubs for Glowing Skin

CBD products seem to be taking over the market. Edibles, CBD-only vapes, and more are becoming more common. So, it makes sense that people are starting to discover the benefits of CBD-infused body and skincare. 
by Holly M on February 12, 2021
Avoid These Beauty Hacks

Don’t Be Fooled: Avoid These Beauty ‘Hacks’

Clear, bright, and blemish-free skin is often seen as a sign of beauty and youth. The quest for the perfect products to give us this skin can seem relentless. It may also lead people to try new and unorthodox methods in the hopes of getting the skin they dream of.  
by Holly M on February 11, 2021