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How to Fight Dry Itchy Skin with CBD Topicals

Though there are many ways people can find relief for their dry, itchy skin, there is one product, in particular, that is taking the skincare world by storm: CBD topicals. These topicals are becoming an increasingly common part of people’s beauty regimens, including treating skin issues like itchiness.
by Holly M on March 24, 2021
Taking CBD for Period Cramps

Taking CBD for Period Cramps

While some discomfort during your period is normal, having pain that affects your daily life is not. 

Many women have a period or PMS arsenal—go-to medications, remedies, and tricks to ease period pain. One thing to consider adding to your PMS arsenal is CBD.

by Holly M on February 15, 2021
Using CBD for Mood Swings

Using CBD for Mood Swings

Whatever the cause of your mood swings, many people are looking for more natural ways to stabilize their mood. One option that is becoming more popular is CBD. 
by Holly M on February 15, 2021
Using CBD For Your Health: From Your Head To Your Bed from CBD for Ailments.

Using CBD For Your Health: From Your Head To Your Bed

By now, most people have heard of CBD products and how many people rely on them to help simplify their lives. Both the beauty and wellness industries were quick to embrace the benefits of CBD and feature customers raving about them in CBD health benefits testimonials.
by Tiffany B on February 15, 2021
5 Ways to Benefit From Using CBD

5 Ways to Benefit From Using CBD

CBD products are seemingly everywhere these days. CBD can be found in food, skin care products, and even mixed into drinks. 

In part, CBD’s popularity can be traced to the fact that it offers users many positive effects without getting them high. That’s why so many people can benefit from using CBD in their everyday life. 

Discover what exactly CBD is and five ways to benefit from using it. 

by Holly M on February 11, 2021
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5 Easy Yoga Moves For Pain Relief

Everyday pain and discomfort can become a mental distraction and the physical symptoms can keep us from getting things done. Pain can affect our work and social lives but yogis and researchers alike have found that CBD & Yoga can help keep pain at bay while easing your mind and relaxing your body.
by Tiffany B on December 21, 2020