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Avoid These Beauty Hacks

Don’t Be Fooled: Avoid These Beauty ‘Hacks’

Clear, bright, and blemish-free skin is often seen as a sign of beauty and youth. The quest for the perfect products to give us this skin can seem relentless. It may also lead people to try new and unorthodox methods in the hopes of getting the skin they dream of.  
by Holly M on February 11, 2021
5 Ways to Benefit From Using CBD

5 Ways to Benefit From Using CBD

CBD products are seemingly everywhere these days. CBD can be found in food, skin care products, and even mixed into drinks. 

In part, CBD’s popularity can be traced to the fact that it offers users many positive effects without getting them high. That’s why so many people can benefit from using CBD in their everyday life. 

Discover what exactly CBD is and five ways to benefit from using it. 

by Holly M on February 11, 2021
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5 Easy Yoga Moves For Pain Relief

Everyday pain and discomfort can become a mental distraction and the physical symptoms can keep us from getting things done. Pain can affect our work and social lives but yogis and researchers alike have found that CBD & Yoga can help keep pain at bay while easing your mind and relaxing your body.
by Tiffany B on December 21, 2020
The UFC is having one of the largest cannabis companies in the world research the efficacy of CBD for pain management with their athletes.

The UFC Takes on CBD Oil

The UFC is serious about discovering the efficacy of its athletes using CBD for pain. They just signed a deal with one of the largest cannabis companies in the world to discover if cannabidiol (CBD) could truly be a difference maker for their athletes. CBD is not THC and does not have any psychoactive effects. More and more people are trying to find out how cannabidiol could possibly help them manage pain, including athletes.
by Tiffany Bowen on October 29, 2020
We are all concerned about Covid-19 and how it is going to change our lives, so here are some tips on how to deal with the stress.

Tips to Deal with Stress During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Get some tips on how to deal with the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are worried about more than just coming down with the virus. We are also worried about financial problems as people lose income and the economy struggles. We also worry about becoming lonely as we distance ourselves socially and what to do with ourselves while we are at home.
by Tiffany Bowen on March 19, 2020
CBD gumies for pain may help triathlon athletes dealing with soreness and injury pain.

CBD Benefits for Triathlon Athletes & Non-Contact Sports

CBD is being researched for athletes in non-contact sports along with full-contact sports. Dr. Joanna Zeiger is a retired triathlon athlete that placed 4th in the Sydney Olympics and won multiple Ironman competitions. She started using CBD after a bike accident and became fascinated with cannabinoids and the hemp plant.
by Tiffany Bowen on January 10, 2020