The UFC is having one of the largest cannabis companies in the world research the efficacy of CBD for pain management with their athletes.

The UFC Takes on CBD Oil

The UFC is serious about discovering the efficacy of its athletes using CBD for pain. They just signed a deal with one of the largest cannabis companies in the world to discover if cannabidiol (CBD) could truly be a difference maker for their athletes. CBD is not THC and does not have any psychoactive effects. More and more people are trying to find out how cannabidiol could possibly help them manage pain, including athletes.
June 24, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
Thrill seeking people and those that live on the wild side may find CBD for pain is jut the right fit for their injuries.

CBD and the Prince of Darkness

After his long battle with addiction, Sharon Osbourne recently said that Ozzy is taking CBD to help manage his pain after suffering an injury that caused him to cancel the rest of his 2019 tour. Many people are turning to CBD for pain management as an alternative to stronger more addictive pain medications. CBD can help reduce inflammation in joints which is a leading cause of chronic pain.
June 18, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen
People should feel more comfortable flying with CBD after the TSA updated their website about CBD products.

Can I Fly with CBD?

A lot of people are asking whether or not they can fly with CBD. Recently the TSA updated their "What can I bring?" page on their website noting that hemp derived CBD oil and other products are generally legal. For carry-on bags or checked bags, the answer to flying with CBD is now "Yes" (special instructions). If people can now comfortably fly with their CBD dosage, then flying suddenly becomes much more appealing. CBD has shown the ability to help with both chronic pain and anxiety.
June 11, 2019 — Tiffany Bowen